The story belongs to the mythological period of Tretayug. There lived a king named Chakraven who had a large empire. Unlike other kings, he lived like a saint. He never took any money either for himself or for his wife from the state treasury. He used to farm and grow vegetables, fruits and cereals, etc. for his family. This way, he lived a simple life.queen lid her life with simply

Once, a fair was held in the kingdom. The women went there all decked up. But the queen reached there in a simple dress. She was not wearing any jewellery. Seeing the queen so simple, the women said to her, "You are the queen of such a big state, but you look the poorest of all. We want to see you impressively dressed with costly jewellery. You don’t live like a queen. We request you to live according to your status so that we could feel proud. We would be happy to see you adorned in a royal dress and costumes. Please consider our request. We want our queen to like a queen."

The queen was very distressed to hear the comments of the ladies.

On her return to the palace, she said to the king, "Some ladies from rich and prosperous families met me in the fair. They were surprised to see me in a simple dress and advised me to live as per the status i.e. a queen. Please arrange some ornaments and royal clothes for me."

The king was surprised to hear it. He thought, ‘The queen has become a victim of bad company and she has moved from the principles of a simple and pious life.’ Then he said, "I have no money for such valuable things and I cannot take money from the state treasury."

But the queen continued to press the king to arrange costly clothes and the ornaments for her. The king was unable to pacify her. At last he said, "Alright! I will do something to arrange for your ornaments." Then he ordered one of his ministers, "Go to Ravana, the king of Lanka, and tell him to give me a bag of gold. Lanka is made of gold. He can give me a bag easily."

The Minister expressed his doubts, "Ravana is not under you, majesty. He is under no obligation to pay you."the minister show the power of king chakravan to ravana

The king said, "Though he is not under me, but he is prosperous. He will understand my need and would give me some. If he refuses, I will take him under my control by force."

The Minister reached Lanka and said to Ravana, "My king Chakraven want to you to give him a bag of gold." Hearing it, Ravana got angry and said, "How dare Chakraven ask for gold as tax! I think he has forgotten about my power. Leave at once. Had you not been a messenger, you would have been killed."

The Minister said, "King Chakraven controls the whole world. I think you are making a mistake by refusing him." And the minister went out. He made a sand model of Lanka on the sea shore and then went to Ravana again. Seeing him again, Ravana said, "Why have you come again?" The minister replied politely, "This time, I have not come to demand anything from you. But I want to show you something and request you to come outside."

Ravana accompanied him. When he came out, the minister showed him the Lanka of sand made by him, and said, "This is a copy of Lanka. If I crush any part of this duplicate Lanka, the same part of your Lanka would be destroyed." He further sad, "I pray in the name of king Chakraven, Ravana is refusing to give the gold." Then he destroyed a little part of the duplicate Lanka and the same part of the real Lanka was demolished. Ravana was scared. The minister smiled and sand, "The king Chakraven need not fight you. Only the power of his virtuous city is enough to destroy your Lanka. This has been proved"ravana gives gold to afraid of chakravan's power

Ravana was so afraid of the powers of king Chakraven that he gave the quantity of gold to the minister immediately.

The minister returned and gave the gold to the king Chakraven. The queen asked, "From where did you bring the gold?" The minister told her the whole story. The queen felt ashmed as she had failed to realise the real powers of his husband. She understood that a good and virtuous way of life is far better than a luxurious one. The queen repented and ordered the minister to return the gold to Ravana. The minister did the same.


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