General Stories

The big-headed Jackdaw

Every morning Jim got up, sharpened his beak and looked at the other jackdaws. "None of them are as big as me." he said to himself. "Really, I'm too good for them. I'll go and live with the crows. They will like my shiny black feathers and give me a good welcome." So off he went, but It wasn't a bit as he expected. The crows didn't know what he was, but they were sure he wasn't one of them. So they made him do all the chores. "Fetch this," they said; "Go and do that, and be quick about it." Jim got more and more fed up. In the end he decided to return to the jackdaws. "At least they know I'm big and important," he thought. But he was wrong. "If you're not good enough for the crows, you certainly aren't good enough for us," they said and Jim had to go off and live by himself.


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