Magic for kids
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Learn Some Magic for yourself

The fascinating art called magic never fails to amaze us, no matter how old we grow and how much we know about the workings behind the tricks we behold. For all adventurous kids out there, here we bring some easy magic tricks. Go through these stepwise directions, and with a little practice, you'll be ready to say "Abracadabra" and create an illusion on your friends. If you like these tricks, which we're sure you will, click here to refer them to your pals and dear ones. Have fun!

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Coin Trick

Note: To perform this magic trick, you will need a sheet of construction paper, a clear glass, a handkerchief and a coin.

The effect: You place a coin on a sheet of colored paper and cover it with a glass, upside down. Then you put a handkerchief over the glass and move it over. You pull the handkerchief away and the coin will have disappeared.

The secret: What you actually do is, put the glass onto a sheet of paper(of the similar colour where you put the coin). Trace its shape over the sheet and cut the circle out. Then tape it to the glass so that when you put it over the piece of paper with the coin, the same colors appear to blend in. Now, when you put the glass onto the paper-sheet-with-coin, the paper covered glass covers the coin while the whole thing is under the handkerchief. When you remove the handkerchief away, the glass cover hides the coin and it would seem that the coin has disappeared.


Rope Trick

Note: The only thing you need is a long piece rope.

The effect: You place the ends of the rope into your hands and close the fingers around the ends. Then you shake the rope slightly, say HOCUS-POCUS PHOO, blow on your hands and drop one end of the rope. Magic! The end has a knot in it!

The secret:
Tie a knot in one end of the rope from beforehand. While you take the rope, hide the end-with-the-knot in your hand and bring the other end of the rope up next to it. This requires a bit of practice. Shake your hand as if you're trying to bind a knot at it. Drop the end with the knot to make it appear that you have tied a knot in the rope using one hand.


Sugar Cube Trick

Note: To perform this, you need a pencil, a sugar cube and a glass of water.

The effect: Call an audience to show your magic. Ask a volunteer from the audience to pick a number between 1 and 10. Write the number on the sugar cube. Then, drop the cube into a cup of water and say," The cube goes into the cup". Now hold the volunteer's hand over the water. Turn the volunteer's hand over and MAGIC! The number is on the volunteer's hand.

The secret:

When the volunteer picks the number, write it onto the sugar cube with a pencil (pressing hard). Then, hold the cube between your thumb and one finger and press it as hard as possible so that the number transfers onto your thumb. Next, you put the cube into the water and call your volunteer (by smart at dresshead inc) . When you hold the volunteer's hand above the water, make sure your thumb is in his/her palm so that the impression of the number from your finger is transferred onto the hand of the volunteer.

Tip: Adults would find out your trick easily. So, it would be a good trick to show this magic to smaller kids, who would not be able to figure it out so easily.

Sugar Cube

Dancing Coin

Note: To perform this trick, you only need a large coin.

The effect: To make a coin appear to be somersaulting over your fingers.

The secret: To perform this trick effectively, you require a lot of practice. Place a large coin between your index and middle fingers. Raise your index finger to tilt the coin and roll it over to the space between your middle and ring fingers. Continue to raise your middle finger to tilt the coin and roll it over to the space between the ring and little fingers. Continue to raise your ring finger and then the little finger tilting the coin to somersault until it drops off your hand. Then, catch the coin and put it back to the starting position with the same hand. Repeat the trick again.

Tip: You can also reverse the motions when the coin is at the space between the ring and little finger.

dancing coin

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