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Oil and Water Don't Mix
The oil dumped by tankers on the high seas or the million of gallons spilled after an accident will remain afloat. Oil does not mix with the water because it is not as dense; it is lighter and will afloat on water. You can produce a similar effect with this experiment.

  • A measuring cup

  • A glass of cold water

  • A bottle of oil

Step 1 Step 1.
Carefully cut off the neck of the plastic bottle.
Step 2 Step 2.
Place four layers of material in the neck of the bottle, in the following order: cotton, wool, coal, sand, and then another layer of cotton wool.
Step 3 Step 3.
Pour the polluted water little by little through your filter.

Water Purification
You can construct a water purification plant in your own house. It will help you to understand haw water can regain its natural properties. To carry out this experiment, you first have to dirty the water you are going to purify. Mix it together with some milk, oil, sand, and so on

  • Sand

  • Coal

  • Cotton Wool

  • Bleach

  • Plastic Bottle

Step 1 Step 1.
Pour some oil into the measuring cup. Cooking oil will do.
Step 2 Step 2.
Then add similar amount of water.
Step 3 Step 3.
The oil is less dense than the water, so it will floats on top.
Step 3 Step 4.
If you add a few drops of bleach, this will ensure that the water contains no harmful microorganisms. Bleach is poisonous and should not be swallowed.
Ask an adult to help you.

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