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People have always exploited the sea’s resources.

Deep under the sea’s floor lie deposits of oil, industrial civilization’s main source of energy. From oil we obtain gasoline for cars and fuel for ships, airplanes, factories and electrical generating station. There are also secondary products made from oil, such as insecticides, detergents, and a great variety of plastics.

A fourth of the world’s oil is being extracted from the bottom of the sea. New, more sophisticated techniques of oil extraction mean that we can drill deeper to find new deposits.

When oil started to become important in the developed world, construction began on bigger sea ports to help transport it. Shipbuilding adapted itself to this industry by constructing special oil tankers.

Fishing is no longer a small scale activity. It has been rapidly converted into an enormous industry that exploits the sea’s resources for economic profit.

But marine creatures cannot reproduce themselves as fast as they are being harvested, and fish stocks are being depleted.

Sea's Resources The Sea's Resources (Click on the picture to view large)

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