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General Stories

The Black Men at the Door of the Sun

Monvenience - Transact in Convenience
Have you heard about the "Manobo tagselata k'alo"? These are men who live in that part of the world closest to the sun. As the sun rays are very hot at these parts, their skin is black because of the heat. To escape the scorching heat of the sun, they stay in a hole in the ground for the most part of the day.

Do you know how they cook their food? Just before the sun rises, they put their rice into a big pot filled half with water and leave it without any fire beside their hole. Then they creep into their hole in the ground.

When the sun rises, its hot rays cook the rice naturally. At noon, the black men come out of their hole and find their meal all ready for them. They quickly retreat into their hole with the big pot and have their meal.

Then they work or play from noon till night. When night falls, they have leftovers from their afternoon meal and go to sleep.

But they wake up early before the sun rises so that they can place their rice pot right on time. Then they again go down into the big hole.

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