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The tortoise who wished he hadn't learned to fly

Monvenience - Transact in Convenience
Tubby the tortoise was tired of pulling his house around on his back. "This shell is much too heavy," he said crossly. "If I could fly it would be much easier." So he climbed on a rock and jumped, only to land on his back at the bottom of it.

"Brother," he said as he struggled the right way up. "Eddie the eagle must teach me how to do it." Five days later he arrived at Eddie's nest a mile away and told him what he wanted. "Ridiculous! Impossible! said Eddie.

"Useless lumps like you can't fly. Go away." But Tubby kept on tugging Eddie's feathers, begging him to teach him. At last, Eddie grabbed him and soared into the sky. "Right. Off you go," he said, and let go. Tubby flapped his legs as fast as he could as he dived straight down and crashed into the rocks. And that was the last time a tortoise tried to fly!

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