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Mythological Stories

Myths and legends are an integral part of human existence. They have been around us all the time. Though their validity is susceptible, nobody seems to mind as they stand as a proof of the human belief in divine powers. Here we bring to you a collection of popular mythological stories that will take you to times of yore when gods co-habited with humans, divine voices could be heard and visions seen. Know more about deities you worship everyday. Know about the extraordinary sacrifices made and great feats achieved. If you like this story, click here to refer this page to your friends.

Birth of Srikrishna Kalia Kansa Hanuman
star Krishna and Indra star Gopal star Ganesh star Eklavya
star A Brave Boy star A Case to Solve star A Father's Love star A Meeting with Death
star A Mountain on a Finger star Ajamil Turns a New Leaf star Ajay and Malti star Akampan Goes to Ravana
star Akrura Meets Dhritarashtra star Andal's Devotion star Arjuna and Angarparna star Angada Meets Ravana
star Abhimanyu star Abhimanyu and Uttara star How Kali was created star How sage Agastya was born
star How moon lost his light star Indra star Indra grants Rama a wish star Indrajit & Vibhisana
star Indra's fight with Virat star Indra's Pride star Jagganath star Jaidrathas punishment
star Jaidrathas boon star Jatayu star Jayatu fights with Ravana star Jatayu helps Rama
star Kabandha meets Rama star Kach and Devyani star Kaikeyi's Resolve star Kalyani's Devotion
star Kamadeva star Kansa and Putana star Kansa Is Killed star Karna Meets His End
star Karna's Plan star Karna's Promise star Kartikeya star Kedarnath
star Kaveri star King Satyapal's Wisdom star Real Husband star Rudraksha
star Sage Agastya and demons star Sakubhai's devotion star Samudra Manthan star Sati
star Saraswati saves the world star Saturn star Satyavadi Harishchandra star Satyavan and Savitri
star Shakti's curse star Shakuni meets his end star Shakuntala star Shantanu
star Tapti star The enlightned butcher star The banana tree goddess star The birth of Pandavs and Kauravas
star The boy who never grew old star The brave man star The broken code of war star The Competitions
star The Goddess Durga star The girl in the dream star The generous king star The game of dice
star The fussy brothers star The foolish brothers star The flying machine star The fall of Drona
star The end of Jaidratha star The dreamer star The devouted student star The magic bowl
star The great sacrifice star The great teacher star The greatest sacrifice star The honest girl
star The hunter's fast star The imperial yajna star The intellegent beggar star The journey to the heaven
star The just king star The Kauravas star The king's guilt star The king's judgement
star The Lac palace star The legend of Brahma's four head star The marraige of Kartikeya star The marraige of Shiva and Parvati
star The merchant's son star The miracle star The snake sacrifice star The sensetive queens
star The sacrifice star The royal competition star The right suitor star The rich man's servant
star The reformed decoit star The reformation of Daraasadana star The proud gods star The prophecy
star The Pandavas get half the kingdom star The Pandavas star The obidient student star The noble robber
star The mountain bows star The mischief of lord Mars star The story of brain over beauty star The war ends
star Tillotoma star Trayambakeshwar Jyotirling star Trishanku's heaven star Vikram, Betal and the king sage
star Vikram and Betal star Venus star Varaha Avatar star Vamana Avatar
star Vakratunda star Vaishno Devi and Bhairav Nath star Upamanyu star Vishvamitra
star Vishvamitra and Menaka star Worms in the rice star Yama Kumara star Yudhistira is crowned
star Yudhistira and the faithful dog star Yudhistira gets boons star Yudhistira passes the test star Yudhistira seeks blessings

star Mythological Stories of Lord Krishna
star Mythological Stories of Lord Rama
star More Indian Mythological Stories

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