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Ashvattama's Plan

When Dronacharya's son, Ashvattama, came to know that Duryodhana was dying, he was furious and vowed that he would kill the Pandavas. Ashvattama's PlanAshvattama devised an evil plan. He took two warriors and went to the camp of the Pandavas' army at night. First, he went to Draupadi's brother, Dhristadhyumna and strangled him while he was sleeping. Then, one by one, he killed all the five sons of Draupadi and finally, Shikhandi, Draupadi's elder brother. Then he set fire to the camp and quickly left. Next morning, the Pandavas were shocked to see what had happened the night before. Draupadi was devastated. Meanwhile, Ashvattama rushed to Duryodhana to inform him of his success. Duryodhana was pleased and breathed his last.


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