Indian Mythological Stories

Krishna and Bakasura

Kansa, the wicked maternal uncle of Krishna, knew that Krishna was in Gokul and feared that one day, Krishna would kill him. Kansa wanted to kill Krishna and spent all his time, thinking of devious plans for doing so. One day, he called the demon BakasuraLord Krishna killing Bakasura and asked him to go and kill the infant Krishna. Bakasura, decided to take the form of a huge bird to frighten young Krishna.

One day Krishna was playing with his friends in the forests of Gokul, when he saw a giant bird swooping down on them. Krishna at once understood that a demon sent by Kansa to kill him.

As the bird came closer, the brave Krishna caught its beak and quickly got inside it. Inside the beak, Krishna wriggled around so much that Bakasura's beak was broken. Exhausted, Bakasura died after some time and fell to the ground.

Krishna's friends hugged him in joy.


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