Indian Mythological Stories

Krishna kills Vyomasura

Vyomyasura was the son of the demon Maya. He had acquired great magical powers. He had an evil plan, and wanted to steal the cowherd friends of Krishna. Once while Krishna and his friends Krishna and demon Vyomyasurawere playing in the fields, Vyomasura disguised himself as another cowherd and appeared before them. One by one he started abducting Krishna's friends.

Seeing his friends disappear , Krishna grew curious. Then, he spotted a cowherd who looked different from the rest. Krishna realised that Something was amiss. He went up to the boy and grabbed his collar. Fearing an attack from Krishna,Vyomasura instantly changed himself into a big monster. As Vyomasura's size grew, Krishna grabbed his feet, lifted him up, and threw him to the ground with full force, and killed him .


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