Indian Mythological Stories

The Battle with Meghnad

The famous conflict between Rama and Ravana began at midnight.

At the very begining, Rama and Laxmana killed six demon chiefs of Rama tries to kill MeghnadRavana. Then they began and search for Ravana's son, Meghnad.

Meghnad had been given the boon of remaining invisible. He started firing arrows at the monkey squad, who failed to discover the source of these attacks. Rama and Laxmana understood that Meghnad was behind these invisible attacks, but before they could do anything, Meghnad took out his famous Naag paash weapon and shot at the brothers. This weapon was a huge snake that coiled up like a rope.

As Rama and Laxmana struggled to get out of the wrap, Meghnad shot several snake arrows at the brothers. These arrows pierced their bodies and made them unconscious.

Seeing Rama and Laxmana almost dead, Meghnad rushed to his father's court to give him the news.


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