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Biotope and Ecosystem

There is a great diversity of life forms that inhabit in our world. They include, among others, trees and bushes, insects, mammals and birds. They all go through the same process of birth, development, reproduction, and death.

The development of a living being not only depends on the processes that takes within its body, but also on the characteristics of the place where the creature lives.

A region with uniform ecological conditions- including climate and temperature, precipitation, soils and surface vegetation, and food sources is what called a biotope.

Taken together, the community of living organism occupying a biotope is known as biocenosis. The biotope and the biocenosis are collectively known as ecosystem. A lake, a field, a brook, a forest, or even a small tree trunk is example of ecosystems.

The Relationship between Ecosystems

Although an ecosystem is self-sufficient. It is normally connected to the other ecosystems.

For example, fertilizers used by the farmers in one of his field can be carried away by rain and contaminate the water in nearby brook. After spending part of their lives on the surface of the water, certain insects, as adults, fly off to the forest or to the fields in search of food. Certain types of birds that have their nest in the forest also look for their food in the fields.

The Forest Ecosystem
The living beings that inhabit in the forest are adapted to take advantage of this ecosystem’s specific conditions. For example, the shape and sizes of leaves and the depth of the roots in the ground assure trees an abundant supply of water through out the year. The thickness of an animal’s for or hair and a bird’s feathers conserve body heat during the cold winter months.

The forest is a good example of how organisms have adapted to living on the specific ecosystems.

The Forest as an ecosystem
The Forest as an ecosystem (Click on the picture to have large view)

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