General Stories

Knowing which side the bread is buttered

By the time Denzil the donkey had grown into an old donkey, he was wiser than he had been when he was a young thing. Every day his master, the farmer , heaped heavy loads on his back, and he was glad when night fell.

Then he could enjoy his supper before a good night's sleep. One day, when he was staggering under a heavier load than usual, the farmer came racing up.

"Run for it, " he said. "There are soldiers coming over the hill. They are going to capture the farm." Denzil thought for a moment. "If they do," he asked , "do you think they'll make me carry heavier loads than this one?" The farmer didn't really know what Denzil was talking about, but he said : "I shouldn't think so. " Right ," answered Denzil. "Then I shall stay here. Things couldn't be any worse whoever was running the farm!"


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