General Stories

The Stupid Lion

Here's an odd story. A lion once fell in love with a farmer's daughter! The farmer probably thought what you're thinking - that all the lion really wanted was a good meal. So the farmer went to bed to think it over. By the morning he'd thought of a clever plan. "You are certainly a very handsome fellow," he said to the lion. "There's nobody I'd rather have as a son-in-law. I won't need a scarecrow to keep the crows away with you around, eh?" The lion laughed politely.

"But you are a lion, and my daughter's bound to be a little bit frightened. If you really love her, you'll pull out your teeth and cut off your claws."

So the lion, who really did love the farmer's daughter, did what her father suggested. But of course as soon as he had, no-one was frightened of him any more, and the farmer beat him with a stick and drove him away.


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