Crafts for Diwali

One of the biggest and most beautiful Indian festive events, Diwali or Deepawali is not only the festival of lights, but also the occassion to present some fabulous gifts to your friends and relatives. This Diwali, why don't you make some wonderful gifts yourself and hand them over to those you love? Gifts made by you will be even better presents for your loved ones and they will cherish it even more. So scroll down, check out our Diwali craft ideas given below, follow the stepwise instructions and make some cool crafts for those you love as well as for yourself. If you like our Diwali craft ideas and want to share them with your friends, just click here and send this page to them. Have a grand Diwali time with your friends and family!
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Rangoli Craft

Rangolis and Diwali is synonymous. The most common practice is to make the Rangoli at the main entrance of the home, inviting Goddess Lakshmi for year round prosperity. However, you can also hang rangolis above doors. Here we give you a Rangoli idea that you can hang on the walls, by making it on a piece of large cardboard, or make it directly on the floor.

Materials you will need:

A full size Cardboard piece, if you intend to hang it.

Black marker pen

coloring of any sort, suited to the craft.

Rangoli pattern (click here to print out a pattern of your choice)

Clean, washed and dried Sand and Glue

Instructions :

Print out a Rangoli pattern of your choice from our Rangoli page and trace it onto cardboard (or the floor, as the case may be), using a black marker.

Now dye the sand by mixing it with coloring, making as many different colors as you desire. Definitely make some of your (or your child's) favorite colors.

Mixing the colors will give you new colors.

Let the dyed sand dry completely.

Spread glue onto the Rangoli, section by section.

While the glue is still wet, have children carefully sprinkle the colored sand within the Rangoli pattern. Make it a joint effort, with kids doing the bulk of sprinkling. You can cover the undesirable areas for a color with newspaper to avoid undesirable sprinkling.

When the Rangoli is finished, let it dry thoroughly.

If you had made it on a cardboard, make two holes on two corners, and hang it wherever you want.

Hanging Diwali Light

You can make this craft a month before Diwali starts, and hang it in your balcony, to announce the advent of Diwali.

Materials You will need:

A Sheet of cardboard, cut into size 20cm X 6.5cm.

A colored paper (preferably marble paper) of your choice, cut it into size 19cm X 8.5cm

A different colored paper, of size 19cmX19cm

White paper of size 20cmX6.5cm or water color.

A large piece of string or ribbon.

Scissors, Glue and stapler.

1st step 2nd step
3rd step


Paint it into a contrast color, or white, with water color, or just stick plain white paper, throughout the cardboard.

Roll the piece of cardboard.

Take the piece of color paper of size 19cm x 8.5cm and fold it in half.

Now from the lower, closed side, make deep, straight cuts with scissors, keeping a margin of 1cm at the top.

Now unfold the piece of paper, and stick in the upper and lower part of the cardboard cylinder, using the margins.

Take the remaining piece of paper, cut in in the same way keeping a margin of 1cm, but this time without folding.

Stick the paper along the lower part of the lantern, using the margin.

Make two holes in the top, and use the string/ribbon to hang your lantern.

You Diwali hanging lantern is ready. You can put in a florescent bulb inside to light it.

Diwali bands for your Door top/ Entrance hanging


Check out our Door hanging page, and printout three of five door hanging designs. You can also try combinations of different bands.

Now let them be colored by crayons or water colors, by your kids. Let the coloring be a only kids activity.

Stick or tape the bands from behind so that the different bands together so that they form a symmetrical chain.

Tape the chain to the top of your door frame.

Your Diwali Entrance hanging chain is ready to be flaunted, and invite Goddess Mother Lakshmi as well.

We are purposefully not giving the craft to make Diwali candles at home, as we feel it is too dangerous for kids, and we do not want any mishaps to anyone before Diwali. However, kids can buy the candles (which is much easier), and then decorate them for Diwali. The following site has some wonderful ideas on candles decorations for Diwali. Just click here, and use the ideas for Diwali decorations for your home.
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