St. Patrick's Day Symbols

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St. Patrick's traditional symbols

Its time for you to know all about the symbols that represent St patty's Day and hence, understand their importance in our lives altogether. You can also go ahead and refer the section to your friends and mates to share your knowledge of the following.

Shamrock Leaves :

Shamrock leavesThe shamrock leaf is the most significant symbol for, not only St Patrick's Day, but also, of Ireland as well. This leaf is also known as the 'seamrog' or the summer plant which is shaped like a three - leafed clover. According to an ancient Irish belief, this leaf was said to possess magical properties.

The Harp

The Harp

The harp is an Irish symbol, found in ancient Irish carvings, Irish coins, flags and is also used for traditional decorations on St. Patrick's Day .

Green Color

Green colorThe color green signifies the onset of the spring season and is also the color of Shamrock leaf.



Shillelagh was the name of an oak - forest in County Wicklow, hence a club made from an Oak was often called a 'Shillelagh'. Little children carry plastic Shillelaghs on this occasion.



A little gnome-like man with magical powers is the Irish counterpart of the conventional fairy. He is supposed to have a hidden pot of gold.

Blarney Stone

Blarney Stone

There is custom to kiss the Blarney Stone on this day. This stone is set on the wall of the Blarney Castle Tower in a village named Blarney in Ireland. Any one who kisses the Blarney Stone is supposed to receive the gift of 'persuasive eloquence' (the ability to speak convincingly). It is believed that St. Patrick had a winning personality that enabled him to fulfil his mission of converting almost the whole of Ireland into Christianity.


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