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Yoga for Kids

The Benefits of Yoga to Kids and Children

Why Kids need to do Yoga

Covid 19 and other problem related stress management
Building Harmony of body and mind, better concentration
Superior Health
Especially Beneficial for Special Kids
Fear of Failure management
Better Physical Prowess
Chakras Concept

Continue reading below, and understand why Yoga has only benefits waiting for you.

Benefits of Yoga

The focus today, worldwide, for kids and children and adults today are mental well being. People, adults and kids alike, are subjected to stress like never before, and mental breakdown cases due to stress are on the rise, along with stress related diseases. The ancient Indian culture of Hinduism had deep understanding of how the mind and body should function in unison, and hence they had developed management of one’s self by these postures. They are immensely beneficial since the time they were invented and started to practice, and the best part is, you do not have to be a Hindu to practice Yoga. Its benefits are universal, pertaining to all human bodies, connecting the mind to the body, and making the organs function as they should, having a calming effect.

Benefits of Yoga to Kids and Children:

Children today face stress due to social conflicts, physical challenges, need to perform or from emotional needs. More often than not, they are not aware of the stress, and hence in a poor shape to handle it. Yoga helps to harmonize the mind, body and spirit, calming the nerves, increasing intelligence and bringing out the full potential. It is probably the best stress buster known to mankind.

Yoga postures, the controlled breathing, the relaxed state of mind, no fear of going wrong, helps the child immensely to repair and build self respect and self esteem Yoga is particularly beneficial for special kids, who have hyperactivity, ADHD, autism etc, as it works overtime to calm the agitated and tired nerves of the child, helping their brain relax. It also helps to reduce anger issues and aggressive behaviour issues.

Some kids shy away from physical activities and team games, due to various reasons. Yoga helps to strengthen the child’s mind, and give the much required physical exercise needed, all in a no-fear-of-failure, self time environment.

There are no absolute kits or place required for yoga. You do not need any special mat, dress, or place. It can be practiced just about anywhere.

With just a few months of practicing yoga, you can feel the improved balance and co-ordination, superb physical flexibility, disappearance of muscle and other pains, increased focus and concentration and better physical prowess. And yes, you can practice yoga together with your child. Same postures, no difference.

Yoga comprises hundreds of postures. Here we give you the ones, that will be simple and most beneficial for your child to begin with. On a later stage, you can visit and contact advanced yoga centres.

The Lotus Flower – Padmasana

The Fetal Position – Balasana

Bound Angle Pose - Baddha Konasana

The Thunderbolt Posture -Vajrasana

Wide-legged Forward Bend Pose - Prasarita Padottanasana

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