Singhasan Battisi (सिंघासन बत्तीसी) for Kids

Singhasan Battisi was the fantastic brilliant position of authority of King Vikramaditya, the King of Kings who led in the second century, BC. The royal position was skilled to him by Lord Indra, the God of divine beings. It was decorated by thirty-two dolls, thus the name.

The narrative of Singhasan Battisi is, in any case, about King Bhoja's edification into the life and persona of King Vikramaditya. Lord Bhoja gets an understanding into the incredible ruler's life through stories described by the thirty-two puppets, who spring up one by one each time King Bhoja endeavors to mount the honored position.

Through these accounts, we additionally get an enlightenment into the life of King Vikramaditya. We become more acquainted with about his anxiety for his subjects, his liberality, benevolence and grit. The narratives are for us to acknowledge and copy.

The Stories of Singhasan Battisi