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Picture Story: Pride Goes Before A Fall

Reading a comic can actually be a favourite pastime for people of every age. And when it comes to the little children, nothing seems to be a better time pass than reading a comic strip. Check out this comic strip which tells a tale about two sparrows whose super arrogance had to be compensated with the loss of their homes. Read it out and analyse it for yourself how egotism need to be paid a hefty priceand how pride is the sole reason for one’s fall

Pride Goes Before A Fall

Script: Venu Variath

Two sparrows in a village
Sparrows flew to the near by forest to lay eggs
Sparrows found a old banyan tree
Sparrows build nest in the old banyan tree and lay eggs
A parrot advised them not to build nest in that treebut the sparrows did not listen
Banyan tree fell down due to a terrible storm
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