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Fishing for Kids

Getting Started

When choosing a good setup to start fishing especially for bass, start out with a 7-foot FLW Platinum pole and a Quantum standard spinning reel.

Then move to an Ultra-light 5-foot Quantum with an ultra-light reel. It would helping in casting and had extra stretch to help absorb the shock from the fish.

Beginners can really feel the thrill with a one pound fish taking drag with these small poles. This gives you valuable experience in learning how a bass moves and reacts after setting the hook.

Start out small fish and gain experience in the fight, then get bigger with time. Seek smaller fish and you learn how to handle the mighty bass this way because you will need it when you tackle the monsters that are out there.

A kid angling alone

Where To Fish First

Start in small ponds and not big Lakes. You catch smaller fish generally but it is the perfect practice ground and will provide you experience with these fish.

Where To Find Fish

Obvious places are boat docks, structures and any obstacles in the water. Bass love to hide in these places so try there first. If you are not successful, then look for areas where the water or the plants change. Where rocks become sand or weeds become hydrilla is a good place. If this fails then try anywhere. Fishing is about luck too!!

Methods Of Catching Bass.


Don't go out and buy all the tackle in the store. Only the necessities for now will do.

Select a few crank baits. The FLW tour crank baits to be the best in price and they catch fish. You will need a shallow diver and a deep diver. Two colors of each are fine. Bass are not too picky when it comes to color. Find a natural looking one that resembles baitfish and select a bright one. These represent the two extremes and work well.

Next select a few spinner baits. There are so many varieties, but I found the Terminator to be the best. Go for natural and then some bright colors, both with gold blades. They work best in all conditions.

Plastic worms. Go for natural colors and make sure you go through the whole selection available.

Crank bait

One successful method is the crank bait. It could be arguable though. It is a simple means of fishing that requires minimal skill. This suits a beginner fine and provides him with the confidence to fish.

Crank bait and fish

Bass love colorful lures and they seem to hit them more often. Casting over and over into an area with bass will always produce an attack.

Using bait scent has always improved the strikes.

Always try to make the lures look good in the water and make the bass come after them. You can do this by making them swim as real as possible.

Use bright colored lures in muddy water and more natural ones in clear water works well.

Bumping these lures against objects in the water attract fish, but you run the chance of getting the lure stuck. Be careful where you throw or you will loose your lure. Getting lures into little places is difficult so keep practicing it and you will get it right.

The Spinner bait

The variety of spinner baits is endless but stick with the bright colors. When reeling these lures back keep it under the surface of the water. worked best because the bass were attracted by the wake it created in the water. Once a fish has taken the lure make sure to strike hard and set the hook because they spit it out the moment they realize it's not a real baitfish.

The Plastic Worm

This is a good lure and represents the most edible and tasty meal. This type of fishing requires a lot of patience and skill, which can cause you to dislike it at first. But the wilder the worm is, the more the bass would love it. Once the bass takes the worm don't strike! Let him swim away with it and then strike. Worms do not too easily attract bigger bass so making them look as real as possible will work.

You can never learn enough of Fishing. Keep trying and experimenting with all the techniques and there would be something that should work for you. So one day you can take someone along and share your knowledge, or even help him or her out. Try fishing on the weekends and other holiday when you have a lot of time in hand and have a great time!!!

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