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Origami Craft Videos

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Origami Videos

Origami or the Japanese art of folding paper would not only keep your children at home busy but also would increase the prettiness of your sweet home. While making it, make sure that you follow the steps wisely and to make your job easier we have collected few youtube videos. Watch these and have a good time.
1. Origami Jumping frog
A series of apt folds and flicking of your finger tips would create an eye soothing jumping origami frog.
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2. Origami Cat Head
If you are looking to make a hassle free origami craft, then you don’t have to worry at all. Get half of your entire work done watching this step by step tutorial of making a cat head.
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3. Origami Christmas tree
Decorate your home with an origami Christmas tree. It would offer a class-apart look.
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4. Origami sailing boat
Float your imagination with this paper sailing boat. Watch the video, it’s not tough by any means.
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