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Animal Stories for kids
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Reading stories is an activity that is a part of the most delightful period of childhood. Most of us have a natural curiosity about the animals we see around us. And Kidsgen brings you a galore of wondrous tales which have animals as their main characters and their lives were represented from the human point of view. Go through these fascinating animal stories and click here to share them with your friends and loved ones. Happy reading!

Animal Stories

Causes of war Hang on to your own bone The wolf puts his foot in it
King Log The rooster makes its last mistake The jealous goat
Knowing which side the bread is buttered Look before you eat The grateful mouse
There's no escaping fate Denzil tries to be a dog Doubtful witnesses
A talking bramble bush! Sour grapes The gullible goat
The greedy fox Too clever for his own good Who's stronger?
The brainless actor Be careful who you trust The well-fed pigeon
Kings must be clever Oh, for the simple life! The really silly shepherd
Dogs and wolves don't mix Little and large don't mix The best fighters don't always win
Lions don't believe in sharing Your money or your life There's no stopping a hungry wolf
A warning to lion Food for the vultures A wolf in sheep’s clothing – for supper
Talk as much as you like – but carry a big stick Shutting the stable door when the horse has gone One question too many
The empty-headed wolf The timid lion Fooled by his own shadow
The stupid generals The greedy lion goes hungry The rabbits get tired of living
The meddlesome monkey Even a bully has some pride The rights of ownership
Killed by kindness Frogs with no brains Snakes alive!
The cobweb that was stronger than lion Mums usually know best The very fat frog
Denzil the dim-wit One good turn deserves another A cheeky fox
How to live in peace The price of a song The proud stag who expected to be king
What an ass an ass is! Leave snake alone The silly shepherd
What happens if you're rude It's best to know your strengths and weaknesses – Part 1 It's best to know your strengths and weaknesses – Part 2
Look before you dive! New gnats are worse than old gnats How to stop the pain
The tortoise who wished he hadn't learned to fly Jim the Jackdaw goes hungry The silliest shepherd of all
The big-headed Jackdaw One good turn deserves another Too eager to please
Back-breaking work Nobody's safe in times of need The jackdaw who tried to be an eagle
A bad bargain? What an ass! Snakes alive!
Whoever laughs last laughs longest Tit for tat  A long-suffering bull
The wicked fox gets a nasty shock How the eagle lost his song The tortoise and the hare
The end of a comfortable life How to win friends Some clever mice
Be careful who you make friends with! Doctor Claudia Nobody told the cook
Pigeons make a tasty meal Denzil the Hero Don't expect everyone to be a friend
Stay where you are Claudia the cat A bully is beaten
Tit for tat The unimportant donkey How the bees only got one sting
Dusty the dog Dusty is taught another lesson Useless gold
An unhelpful shopping list Sideways is best Gerald the goat gives a concert
Jack gets his reward Know your own strengths A word of advice from a bear
Fair-weather friends It’s not size that matters Whose work is the hardest?
The thirsty sea Kill or cure A watchdog that couldn't be bribed
The bald dog Denzil the lion-heart This year's new fashion
Never interrupt a good fight Don't annoy wizards! A bird in the claw is worth two in a tree
Denzil learns to be smart Timmy gets a wet lesson  


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