The Story of the First Doll

The Story of Ratnamanjari, the First Doll (पहली गुड़िया की कहानी)

One of the dolls changed into a wonderful woman and stated, "King Bhoja, I am Ratnamanjari. We snickered so noisily in light of the fact that you dislike the prior king who used to sit on this position of royalty. This is valid that you are wise, liberal and extremely incredible yet Vikramaditya was unrivaled. Indeed, his name was Vikramaditya. I am going to disclose to you a tale about him. After that you can choose whether you are deserving of sitting on this royal position or not."

The doll began portraying a story.

Long back, there was a city named Ambavati in Aryavrat. The lord of Ambavati was Gandharvasen. He didn't trust in varnas, and accordingly, he wedded ladies of all the four varnas - brahmana, kshatriya, vaishya and shudra. The child destined to the brahmana ruler was named Bhahmaneet. The kshatriya ruler brought forth three children - Shankh, Vikramaditya and Bharthari. The vaishya ruler's child was named Chandra and the shudra ruler's child was called Dhanvantari.

At the point when Brahmaneet grew up, the lord named him the counsel of his kingdom. Around then, mayhem emerged in the kingdom and Brahmaneet couldn't handle the issue, so he left the city.

In the wake of meandering for a long time, he achieved the city of Dhara, where once his precursors ruled. He got a high position in the court there. Finding an appropriate chance, he killed the ruler of Dhara and rose the honored position. After at some point, he chose to come back to Ujjain, however not long after in the wake of coming to there, he kicked the bucket. Shankh stayed suspicious that the lord may select Vikramaditya as his successor. Along these lines, one day Shankh killed the ruler and turned into the lord of Ujjain.

At the point when his more youthful siblings - Vikramaditya, Bharthari, Chandra and Dhanvantari came to think about the homicide of their dad, they fled the kingdom. Yet, Shankh requested his officers to slaughter them. Vikramaditya figured out how to escape while the other three siblings were slaughtered by the warriors.

Shankh expected that Vikramaditya may assault him one day and render retribution for his dad's homicide. So, he called all the famous crystal gazers to discover the whereabouts of Vikramaditya.

Every one of the celestial prophets counseled one another, and finally they said to Shankh, "Your Majesty! Vikramaditya is living in a backwoods and rehearsing plainness there. He is bound to be an incredible and eminent ruler." Shankh was concerned and apprehensive. He requested his covert operatives to look Vikramaditya.

The covert agents hunt down Vikramaditya all over. Finally, they discovered him adjacent to a lake, occupied in reflection. The government agents educated the ruler about it. Shankh took the assistance of tantric and brought forth an arrangement.

According to the arrangement, the tantric persuaded Vikramaditya to offer petitions to Goddess Kali. So as to play out the supplication, then two achieved a sanctuary. At the point when the tantric asked Vikramaditya to twist down and offer petitions, Vikramaditya wound up suspicious. He asked the tantric to do as such first.

At the point when the tantric bowed down to ask, Shankh, who was sequestered from everything, turned out with a sword in his grasp and remove the leader of the tantric reasoning that he was Vikramaditya. Quickly, Vikramaditya grabbed the sword from Shankh's hand and murdered him.

After the demise of Shankh, Vikramaditya turned into the leader of Ujjain. He was an equitable and mainstream ruler. The general population were pleased to have a ruler like him.

Ratnamanjari asked King Bhoja, "Do you know how King Vikramaditya got the position of royalty on which you are attempting to sit?"

At some point, King Vikramaditya went to a timberland for chasing. He found a deer meandering and pursued it. Shockingly, he went too far and lost his direction. All of a sudden, he saw a royal residence at a separation.

He went inside the castle. It was the royal residence of Lutvaran disclosed to him that he was in the kingdom of King Bahubal. Lutvaran was the consultant of the lord. When King Bahubal met King Vikramaditya, he respected him.

While King Vikramaditya remained with Lutvaran, Lutvaran lauded King Bahubal and informed Vikramaditya concerning his liberality. Lutvaran stated, "You ought to ask King Bahubal to give you his one of a kind brilliant position of authority, which he got from Lord Indra. This position of royalty will enable you to end up an effective ruler."

Before long Vikramaditya chose to leave for Ujjain. Ruler Bahubal instructed him to request some blessing. This was the open door Vikramaditya was searching for. He requested the extraordinary brilliant honored position. Lord Bahubal realized that King Vikramaditya was the fitting individual for the honored position, so he talented the royal position to him.

When King Vikramaditya came to Ujjain with the brilliant position of authority, individuals of Ujjain felt upbeat and they commended him. Presently, King Vikramaditya wound up celebrated all over. Rulers from every single other kingdom visited him to see the interesting position of authority.

King Vikramaditya organised an extremely enormous function, in which he gave one and a half lakh dairy animals. The service continued for over a year.

In the wake of portraying the story, Ratnamanjari asked lord Bhoja, "Have you won this kingdom with indistinguishable valor from ruler Vikramaditya did? Have you given such huge numbers of dairy animals and different things to Brahmins? On the off chance that not, at that point avoid this position of authority. This honored position is fit just for a ruler like Vikramaditya."

The lady at that point changed herself into a doll and returned to her situation on the position of royalty King Bhoja felt apprehensive. He chose to avoid the position of authority and went to his castle. He couldn't rest during the evening.