The Story of the Second Doll

The Story of Second Doll Chitralekha (दूसरी गुड़िया चित्रलेखा की कहानी)

In the first part of the day, King Bhoja wished to sit on the royal position by and by. Be that as it may, as he was going to sit on the position of royalty, the second doll left the royal position.

"Pause, O King! I am Chitralekha. Prior to sitting on this position of royalty, tune in to this account of King Vikramaditya and after that choose whether you are deserving of the honored position."

At that point Chitralekha began portraying the story.

Ujjain was extremely prosperous under Vikramaditya's standard.

At some point, he went into a thick woodland for chasing. He was meandering looking for some creature, when he abruptly saw a sage contemplating. He went towards the savvy and offered his regards. In any case, as he was going to restore, the sage opened his eyes and stated, "Hold up child! I am especially satisfied with your cordiality and habits. Accept this celestial natural product as a present for your ruler. Request that her eat the organic product. She will bear an extraordinary and brave child like you." King Vikramaditya acknowledged the products of the soil the sage. When he was en route back to his royal residence, he saw a lady racing to the highest point of a slope. The lady was going to submit suicide, when King Vikramaditya spared her and asked, "For what reason would you like to submit suicide? What is the purpose for this rushed advance?"

The lady answered, "Goodness! My Savior! My significant other torments me consistently in light of the fact that I brought forth seven young ladies while he wanted for a child. It isn't my blame. Presently I can't hold up under his torments any longer. I simply need to finish of my life."

Ruler Vikramaditya felt pity on her and stated, "Don't stress, take this foods grown from the ground it to your significant other. You will without a doubt bear a child." The lady expressed gratitude toward the king and left from that point.

After some days, King Vikramaditya was sitting with his retainers. Simply at that point, a brahmin came there in the camouflage of a sage and proposed to meet the king in private. King Vikramaditya and the sage went to a space to have a private discussion. The sage stated, "Child, I am extremely satisfied with your equity, liberality and decision ability. I implore God that He favor you with a child will's identity bound to be an incredible ruler like you. I came here to give you an awesome natural product, which will enable you to have a child like you."

When King Vikramaditya saw the organic product, he was stunned in light of the fact that it was a similar natural product that he had given to the lady. He ended up incensed and stated, "You are not a sage. Let me know, who are you and from where did you get this awesome natural product?"

The sage trembled with dread and stated, "O King! This natural product was given to me by my cherished. She is envious of her husband and doesn't love him."

Vikramaditya took the products of the soil it to his significant other. He cherished her a ton. Be that as it may, the ruler was enamored with the city protect. In this way, she gave the natural product to him. The cop adored a danseuse. Along these lines, he introduced the natural product to her.

The danseuse chose to give the organic product to King Vikramaditya, as he was the perfect individual for having a valiant child. She went to the king and gave him the organic product. When he saw a similar organic product, he was dumbstruck. The danseuse said that she had got the natural product from the city cop. King Vikramaditya comprehended that his queen was unfaithful.

He went to the queen and enquired about the organic product. The queen answered, "I ate the organic product the exact second you offered it to me." Then, the king demonstrated the natural product to her and asked, "What is this in the event that you have eaten the organic product?" The queen admitted her transgression, and after that fell in a swoon.

King Vikramaditya felt exceptionally miserable and discouraged. He went into the backwoods for reflection to achieve harmony.

At the point when Lord Indra saw Vikramaditya in such a state, he thought, "Ruler Vikramaditya is a lord, simply, gallant and extraordinary lord. Indeed, even the Gods like him. His kingdom is currently in peril as there is nobody to take care of it. Any neighboring kingdom can assault Ujjain. I should better send a gatekeeper to spare Ujjain." Lord Indra at that point sent a watchman to Ujjain to care for it.

After numerous days, King Vikramaditya thought of returning to his kingdom. When he achieved the fringe of his kingdom, the watchman sent by Lord Indra ceased him and asked, "Who are you and where are you going?"

"I am Vikramaditya, the lord of Ujjain. Who are you and how could you come in my direction?" said King Vikramaditya. The watchman answered, "I am Agiya and Lord Indra has sent me to protect this city. On the off chance that you are the ruler, you should battle and thrashing me. At that point no one but you can advance."

King Vikramaditya crushed the gatekeeper in no time flat. The gatekeeper collapsed his hands and stated, "Presently, I am your hireling. I am going, however before that I caution you to be watchful from an adversary who has reached here. He is amazing." Then, Agiya returned to paradise.

Achieving the royal residence, King Vikramaditya came to realize that his significant other had tanked toxic substance and kicked the bucket. He turned out to be very said. In any case, he by and by began decision his kingdom. A couple of days after the fact, a sage touched base there and gave the lord a celestial organic product. Lord Vikramaditya felt satisfied and approached the sage to want for a blessing.

The sage stated, "Lord! In the event that you need to give me any blessing, at that point please go with me."

The sage took King Vikramaditya close to a burial ground and stated, "O King, there is a tree in this memorial park and a cadaver, named Betaal, who is hanging by a part of the tree. I am completing a siddhi (procurement of extraordinary forces) for which, I need Betaal. If you don't mind bring him here. Ruler Vikramaditya guaranteed the sage and went up to the tree. He pulled down Betaal from the tree and put him on his shoulders and began strolling. In transit, Betaal began portraying a story to King Vikramaditya. Finding an opportunity, Betaal flew back to the tree. This occurred for twenty-four times. In his twenty-fifth endeavor, when King Vikramaditya was conveying Betaal on his shoulders, Betaal revealed to him that the savvy whom he was aiding is a cheat. He is pondering for tantra and for this, he needs a ruler for penance. At the point when Vikramaditya will reach there, the wise will request that he offer petitions before the Goddess. At the point when Vikramaditya would bow, the wise will execute and forfeit him.

When King Vikramaditya found out about the smarts of the wise, he expressed gratitude toward Betaal. Lord Vikramaditya came to the alongside Betaal on his shoulders. The savvy felt exceptionally glad when he saw them two. He asked King Vikramaditya to offer the petitions before the Goddess, yet the suspicious lord requested that the wise offer the supplications first. The sage didn't have any idea about the expectation of King Vikramaditya, so he twisted down to offer supplications. When he twisted down, Vikramaditya remove his head.

The Goddess was satisfied with the penance of the savvy and favored King Vikramaditya with two Betaals to serve him. Ruler Vikramaditya then came back to his kingdom.

In the wake of portraying this story to King Bhoja, the doll asked, "Have you at any point contemplated and yielded like King Vikramaditya? In the event that not, at that point you have no directly to sit on this royal position." Saying this, the second doll likewise returned to her place.

King Bhoja again was bothered and couldn't rest for the entire night.