The Story of the Fourth Doll

The Story of Fourth Doll Kam Kandla (चौथी गुड़िया कम कांडला की कहानी)

Next morning, King Bhoja again approached to sit on the remarkable position of authority, however when he achieved the honored position, the fourth doll left the royal position and stated, "My name is Kam Kandla. Tune in to this story and afterward choose whether you are valiant and benevolent like King Vikramaditya or not."

In the wake of saying as much, the fourth doll began portraying the story to King Bhoja.

At some point, King Vikramaditya was examining state undertakings with his retainers, when a Brahmin introduced himself. The Brahmin offered his regards to the lord.

"O King! I have come the whole distance from Kailash Mansarovar for an extraordinary reason," said the Brahmin. "I saw a peculiar occurrence in Kailash Mansarovar that totally amazed me."

At the point when Vikramaditya got some information about the occurrence, the Brahmin answered, "O King! One morning, I was engaged in contemplation close Kailash Mansarovar. At the point when the sun climbed, a column showed up in the Mansarovar and when the sun set, the column additionally submerged in the water. Presently, it happens each day."

After the Brahmin portrayed the episode, everybody kicked bewildered and off reasoning about the issue.

The Brahmin grinned subsequent to taking a gander at their baffled faces and stated, "I know every one of you are considering my thought process behind the portrayal of this episode. Some days prior, a contention emerged among the Gods that nobody can hinder the sun. On the off chance that anybody goes before the sun, he will be burnt alive. Surya, the Sun God, declared that just Varuna, the Sea God, can draw close to Him. In this entire universe, nobody can even observe the sublime perspective on the gathering of the Sun God and the Sea God. At some point, the Sun God tested Lord Indra that even the Gods can't hold up under the sun beams.

At this, Lord Indra stated, "What to discuss Gods, there is even a man on earth, named Vikramaditya, who can endure the warmth of your beams."

The Sun God said that it was unthinkable, still He would step through an examination of King Vikramaditya. Portraying the episode, the Brahmin stated, "I am the envoy of Lord Indra. He needs you to go close to the Sun God and bear the warmth of His beams."

Everybody in the court began mumbling.

Ruler Vikramaditya said to the Brahmin, "Master Indra has demonstrated extraordinary trust in me and I can't disappoint him. I will without a doubt go to Mansarovar to appeal to the Sun God."

Vikramaditya called his two betaals and portrayed the whole story to them and inquired. "Do you know the way which prompts Mansarovar? Would you be able to convey me there?"

The betaals answered, "Truly, Your Majesty, we can take you there."

What's more, they took Vikramaditya to Mansarovar.

Prior to morning, they came to there. As the Sun rose, King Vikramaditya went close to the banks of Mansarovar and took a gander at the spot cautiously. At the point when the first beams of the Sun fell on the water, a column additionally came up. Without squandering whenever, King Vikramaditya hopped into the lake and swam crosswise over to the column.

As the sun went up in the sky, the column rose higher. Vikramaditya couldn't bear the warmth and was before long singed to fiery remains. At the point when the Sun God's chariot came to close to the column, His eyes fell on the slag. He wished to know the character of the man, thus He poured some nectar on the fiery debris and King Vikramaditya wound up alive. With collapsed hands Vikramaditya bowed before the Sun God.

The Sun God stated, "You are extremely a valiant and daring man. I am enormously awed with you. Request a shelter."

Vikramaditya stated, "Gracious Lord! Your gifts are a help for me."

"No, I won't enable you to abandon any blessing," said the Sun God. He gave him two studs.

"The nature of these hoops is that you will get what you need from them," said the Sun God. Subsequent to tolerating the hoops, Vikramaditya expressed gratitude toward the Sun God. As the Sun set, the column slipped.

From that point onward, Vikramaditya called the two betaals and requesting that they take him back to his kingdom. They before long came to Ujjain. The betaals saluted the lord and left.

While in transit to his royal residence, Vikramaditya met the Brahmin, who was the minister of Lord Indra. Vikramaditya revealed to him about his voyage to Mansarovar. From that point onward, the Brahmin requested those two studs. Vikramaditya readily gave those two hoops to him and went to his royal residence.

In the wake of portraying the entire story, Kam Kandla asked King Bhoja, "Would you say you are so fearless and bold like King Vikramaditya? Have you at any point made such a strong stride and put your life in risk? On the off chance that truly, at that point you can sit on this position of authority, generally return to your royal residence." Saying these words, Kam Kandla likewise returned to her castle.

King Bhoja again ended up keen, "Am I extremely deserving of sitting on this royal position?" With exasperates mind, he returned to his castle however couldn't rest the entire night.