The Story of the Third Doll

The Story of Third Doll Chandrakala (तीसरी गुड़िया चंद्रकला की कहानी)

Again toward the beginning of the day, King Bhoja wanted to sit on the royal position. When he was going to sit on the position of royalty, the third doll of the honored position turned out and began recounting to another account of King Vikramaditya.

"Try not to rush to sit on this position of authority. First tune in to anecdote about the equity of King Vikramaditya. I am Chandrakala. Listen cautiously, and after that choose on the off chance that you are deserving of sitting on this honored position or not."

At that point Chandrakala began portraying the story.

At some point, mental Courage and Luck began contending to demonstrate their predominance. Boldness said that nothing can be accomplished in existence without diligent work. Then again, Luck was firm on his conviction that everybody has got a lot of karma. When they found no arrangement, they went to Lord Indra.

At the point when Lord Indra tuned in to their contention, He wound up astute. Then two were directly in their own speculations. Had He chosen one of them predominant, the other would not have been fulfilled. In the wake of reasoning for quite a while, a thought struck Him. He requested that they go to King Vikramaditya for equity.

The two of them went to the ruler and clarified the issue.

In the wake of hearing their contentions, King Vikramaditya likewise felt unable to choose the matter of prevalence between them. In this way, he requested that Courage and Luck come following a half year. So they left.

Lord Vikramaditya felt it hard to choose who was prevalent of the two. He chose to live among the general individuals of the city to discover the appropriate response. Camouflaged as a customary subject, the lord moved in the city for the arrangement, yet fizzled. At that point, he went to another city. There, he achieved a specialist's home and requested some work. When he was examined regarding his ability to work, King Vikramaditya replied, "I can do what nobody else can." The representative felt satisfied with the appropriate response and designated Vikramaditya as his hireling.

At some point, the businessperson needed to go to another kingdom for business. He requested every one of his workers to go with him. Part of the way through the adventure, a serious tempest broke out. Everybody on the ship began trembling with dread, however luckily they found an island and moored the ship there. At the point when the tempest quieted down, the mariners attempted to lift the grapple however it didn't come up. Everybody attempted except nobody succeeded. All of a sudden, the specialist reviewed the expressions of Vikramaditya and asked him to life the grapple. Vikramaditya went under the water and lifted the stay effectively, yet when the grapple was discharged, the ship cruised so quick that Vikramaditya was abandoned on the island.

Vikramaditya meandered on the island. All of a sudden, he found a city. When he achieved the doors of the city, he saw a notice hanging at the entryways on which it was composed, 'The princess of this kingdom will wed just King Vikramaditya.'

Vikramaditya was astounded and went inside the royal residence. When he came to there, the princess saw him and asked, "Who are you and how could you enter my castle without my authorization?"

At this he answered, "I am King Vikramaditya. I read the notice hanging at the doors."

The princess felt satisfied and wedded King Vikramaditya. In the wake of spending at some point there, Vikramaditya left for Ujjain.

In transit, he halted at the bank of a stream to take rest. Here, he met a sage. At the point when Vikramaditya uncovered his character to the sage, the sage exhibited two presents to Vikramaditya – a laurel of blossoms and a stick. The sage stated, "This laurel has two characteristics. Right off the bat, whoever will wear it, will be fruitful in each field, and also, the individual wearing the wreath won't be unmistakable to anybody. The nature of this stick is that before resting during the evening, in the event that you request any trimming, it will give you the equivalent."

Vikramaditya said thanks to the sage and continued his adventure. In the wake of coming to Ujjain, Vikramaditya requested that his warriors convey a message to the new ruler that he would carry her to his kingdom very soon.

At that point, King Vikramaditya went to his nursery to go for a stroll. There, he met two men. One was a Brahmin and the other was a cultivator. Then two stated, "O King! We are your workers. For quite a long while, we have been dealing with this nursery with the expectation that one day we will get some attractive reward for our diligent work. We are exceptionally poor, it would be ideal if you help us."

Ruler Vikramaditya felt feel sorry for on them, yet he was not having any important thing with him right now. At that point he recollected the two perfect blessings given to him by the sage. He offered them to the two men and informed them concerning the otherworldly powers of the laurel and the stick.

Vikramaditya thought. "I got the wreath and stick from the sage by karma, however these men got them by mental courage and hard labour." After a half year, Courage and Luck returned to King Vikramaditya for equity.

The lord stated, "We can't get anything in this world without diligent work, work and mental fortitude however this is additionally evident that an individual can get more than what he has just because of his karma. Along these lines, mental fortitude and karma are valuable to one another." Then, he portrayed the tale about how he got the festoon and the stick from the sage, and how he offered them to the Brahmin and the nursery worker.

Courage and Luck were happy with Vikramaditya's judgment and left the court subsequent to expressing gratitude toward him.

In the wake of portraying the story to King Bhoja, Chandrakala asked, "Would you say you are shrewd, liberal and simply like King Vikramaditya? On the off chance that indeed, at that point sit on the position of royalty." After saying this, she returned to her place. Lord Bhoja additionally returned to his castle.