The Story of the Nineteenth Doll

The Story of Nineteenth Doll Rooprekha (उन्नीसवीं गुड़िया रूपरेखा की कहानी)

On the nineteenth day, when King Bhoja was going to sit on the position of authority, the nineteenth doll banished his direction. She began recounting another account of Vikramaditya subsequent to presenting herself.

"Hold up King Bhoja! I am the nineteenth doll of King Vikramaditya's position of royalty. My name is Rooprekha. I will reveal to you a story, which demonstrates King Vikramaditya's ability of settling on just choices. First tune in to the story and afterward choose whether you are deserving of sitting on this position of authority or not."

The doll at that point began portraying the story.

At some point, two holy people went to the court of Vikramaditya and stated, "Lord, there is a question between us in regards to an issue. If you don't mind help us."

At the point when Vikramaditya asked them the issue, one of the holy people stated, "As indicated by me, mind is the most grounded part in the human body. A person does whatever the psyche says. Each person is reliant at the forefront of his thoughts."

The second holy person stated, "My view is unique. As per me, information is the most essential factor. On the off chance that an individual has a tremendous learning, at that point he can control his brain moreover."

Lord Vikramaditya tuned in to their contentions cautiously. It was a troublesome inquiry. In this manner, he requested that the holy people come following a couple of days.

At whatever point, such troublesome circumstances emerged, Vikramaditya hunt down the appropriate responses by going and conversing with his kin.

He disguised himself as a customary individual and strolled in the city of Ujjain. Abruptly, he saw a young who was sitting under a tree. His garments were in clothes and he looked worn out.

Vikramaditya went to him and stated, "In the event that I am not mixed up, at that point you are Naurangidas, child of seth Gopaldas."

"Indeed, I am Seth Gopaldas' Son, however at this point I am just Naurangi," said the adolescent.

"The end result for you? For what reason would you say you are in such an awful condition? Supposedly, your dad has left a gigantic property for you and your sibling," asked Vikramaditya.

Naurangidas answered, "Truly, honorable man, you are correct. I am exclusively in charge of this state of mine, however I didn't remember you. Let me know, who are you?"

At that point Vikramaditya grinned and stated, "I was your dad's companion. I know everything about your family. Enlighten me regarding your sibling, Sarangidas. How is he and what is he getting along now?"

"He is totally fine. He is presently a major representative," said Naurangidas.

Vikramaditya congratulated on his shoulders and got some information about his poor condition. Naurangidas answered with tears in his eyes, "I am in charge of my condition. My dad left an immense bit of his property for me. Yet, I burned through all the cash on unfortunate propensities. My sibling cautioned me a few times, however I never focused on his words. Before long, I ended up poor. Presently, I have nothing. I win my bread by filling in as a worker."

Subsequent to tuning in to Naurangidas, the ruler found the solution to one portion of the question between the two holy people. The adolescent was unequipped for keeping his brain in charge and his psyche was flimsy. That has brought about his current condition.

He at that point asked the young, "Presently, what would you like to do in future?"

He answered, "I have took in numerous things from my past oversights. I am striving to gain my work. By sparing some cash, I have purchased a bullock truck. I work for the duration of the day."

"Presently, you have the learning and you can control your brain also," said King Vikramaditya.

Lord Vikramaditya found the solution to the second 50% of the debate as well. Vikramaditya was awed with the certainty of Naurangidas and gave him some gold coins as a reward. He stated, "Keep these and begin a decent business. On the off chance that you have truly changed yourself, at that point you will enhance very soon."

Vikramaditya then uncovered his character. Naurangidas then bowed before the ruler and expressed gratitude toward him. Ruler Vikramaditya came back to his royal residence with the appropriate response. After some days, the two holy people touched base at the lord's court and requested equity. Vikramaditya stated, "I have the answer for your question. The facts demonstrate that mind dependably overwhelms the body of an individual. An individual, whose mind isn't in his control, can't prevail in life as it occurred on account of Naurangidas. When he realized how to control his brain, at that point he began succeeding. On the off chance that the psyche resembles a steed, at that point learning is the rider. Along these lines, both have their significance throughout everyday life."

The holy people got some information about Naurangidas, Vikramaditya revealed to them the whole story. The holy people were happy with the appropriate response of Vikramaditya. They gave a mystical chalk to the ruler and said. "This chalk is supernatural. The nature of this chalk is that at whatever point you will draw something with this chalk, the drawn item will transform into reality during the evening. Presently just this, you can likewise hear the discussion, in the event that you make human portrayals."

After they left, King Vikramaditya thought of testing the chalk. He went into his room and drew the image of Lord Krishna and Goddess Saraswati on the divider with the chalk. During the evening, the ruler saw Lord Krishna and Goddess Saraswati in actuality. Toward the beginning of the day, they both vanished while the image stayed there on the divider. Presently the ruler ended up busy with making pictures amid the day and appreciating their conversation during the evening. At the point when the lord did not meet his rulers for a long time, they felt exasperates and upset. They went to the lord and informed him concerning their concern. The ruler understood that his brain additionally had turned out to be flimsy and uncontrolled. He enlightened the rulers regarding the chalk to and atoned for his oversight.

In the wake of portraying the entire story, the doll asked King Bhoja, "Have your eve tackled such a troublesome issue? In the event that indeed, at that point you can sit on this position of royalty, generally return back to your royal residence.

Ruler Bhoja came back to his royal residence.