The Story of the Twentieth Doll

The Story of Twentieth Doll Gyanwati (बीसवीं गुड़िया ज्ञानवती की कहानी)

On the twentieth day, when King Bhoja again went to sit on the position of authority, the twentieth doll came in his direction and began portraying an account of Vikramaditya in the wake of giving her short presentation.

"Hold up King Bhoja! My name is Gyanwati. First tune in to this account of King Vikramaditya, and afterward choose whether you are deserving of sitting on this royal position or not."

Gyanwati then began portraying the story.

At whatever point King Vikramaditya got some time after the court undertakings, he went to the timberland for reflection, to get some significant serenity. At some point, while he was contemplating in the timberland, he saw two men conversing with one another. In order to close to their discussion, he connected some otherworldly glue on his brow and ended up undetectable.

Presently Vikramaditya could remain close them, unnoticed and hear their discussion. They were two Brahmins. One of the Brahmins had the learning of perceiving a dead creature and the season of its demise by observing its bones. He pointed towards a stack of bones and said to the next Brahmin. "These bones are of a deer and it kicks the bucket four years prior."

The second Brahmin chuckled at him and asked, "How might I know whether you are stating right or off-base? We can't get some information about its personality. It might be conceivable that you are completely right, however learning ought to persuade everybody."

"So you are testing my insight. I am a stargazer as well and I can tell the past, present and fate of an individual by seeing his hands and feet," said the principal Brahmin.

All of a sudden, the principal Brahmin's eyes feel on the strides of a human being. He directed them out toward the other Brahmin and stated, "Take a gander at these strides. As indicated by me, these strides are not of a conventional individual. These strides are of an incredible lord. He more likely than not come along these lines."

Both the Brahmins at that point continued on their way.

In the wake of covering some separation, they met a woodcutter, who was resting under a tree. The celestial prophet asked him, "Have you seen any man cruising by?"

The woodcutter stated, "I have been working here since early morning, yet I haven't seen anybody."

The astrologer then stated, "Sibling, would i be able to see your foot? I have the information of soothsaying."

"I don't wish to counsel you," said the woodcutter. "I would prefer not to recall my past. I am very content with my present and I don't have any strain about my future."

"Sibling, couple of yards from here, I saw strides, that have the lotus image. I just need to know whether those strides are yours or not," said the Brahmin.

The woodcutter finally demonstrated to him his feet. The crystal gazer was stunned to see the lotus mark on the bottoms of his feet.

He thought, "How is this conceivable? As indicated by my insight, these strides ought to be of a lord."

The Brahmin further enquired about the woodcutter. He asked "Where do you live? Since to what extent have you been in this occupation?"

The woodcutter answered, "I live in Ujjain. I have been doing this since youth."

When the Brahmin found such a solution from the woodcutter, he truly wound up suspicious of his own insight and began strolling ahead with the other Brahmin. The other Brahmin chuckled at him and stated, "What was the deal? Bombed in the principal test!"

The celestial prophet Brahmin stated, "It is beyond the realm of imagination. This image is so normal that it is described even in the essential books of soothsaying."

"Truly, I likewise concur with you since I have found out about this from elderly folks individuals. You know everything about soothsaying. At that point discover the motivation behind why your count turned out badly," said the second Brahmin.

The primary Brahmin, who had the learning of crystal gazing, stated, "It was additionally out of the blue that I saw such strides, however I am certain about my expectation being right. In the event that it refuted, at that point I'll consume every one of the books of crystal gazing, which I have read. In any case, for that, I need some time."

"Time for what, old buddy?" asked the second Brahmin.

"Release us to Ujjain. I want to see if these strides coordinate the feet of King Vikramaditya or not," said the primary Brahmin.

Presently, both the Brahmins went to meet King Vikramaditya. In the wake of coming to Ujjain, they had a private gathering with the ruler. The celestial prophet Brahmin asked for the lord, "Your Majesty, I wish to see the bottoms of your feet."

Vikramaditya grinned and demonstrated the Brahmin his soles. The Brahmin was shocked to find that there were no lotus stamps on the ruler's soles. He felt frustrated. At the point when Vikramaditya asked him the reason, the Brahmin disclosed to him the whole occurrence that had occurred in the backwoods.

The Brahmin stated, "I think the information that I picked up from the books wasn't right. I'll consume every one of the books."

"No, the learning of books is never wrong," said the lord, "Yet try not to be pompous of your insight."

The ruler at that point took out a blade and scratched the bogus skin, with which he had secured his feet. There were lotus marks on his soles. The Brahmin was shocked to see this.

"O Brahmin, I am the woodcutter, whom you met in the backwoods. I heard your discussion by getting to be imperceptible. I additionally realized that you would come to meet me. So I secured my feet with false skin. Information from books alone does not make a man learned. Information is inadequate until you gain it for all intents and purposes," clarified King Vikramaditya.

The Brahmin felt embarrassed about himself. The ruler gave some encouragement by compensating both the Brahmins.

In the wake of portraying the story, the doll stated, "That was our King Vikramaditya, who gave information even to a scholarly Brahmin. Have you at any point done anything like this? On the off chance that truly, at that point you can sit on this position of royalty generally return back."

Having no answer, King Bhoja again came back to his royal residence.