The Story of the Ninth Doll

The Story of Ninth Doll Madhumalti (नौवीं गुड़िया मधुमालती की कहानी)

One the following day, when King Bhoja moved toward the position of royalty, the ninth doll showed up as lady. She stated, "Lord Bhoja, my name is Madhumalti. Prior to sitting on this position of royalty, you should get characteristics like King Vikramaditya. In this story, you will come to think about Vikramaditya's fortitude and worry for his subjects and kingdom. At that point, choose whether you are deserving of sitting on this royal position or not."

Madhumalti began portraying the story.

Ruler Vikramaditya dependably pondered the prosperity of his kingdom and individuals. He was particularly worried for them. Once, he thought of playing out a yagna for the flourishing of the kingdom just as the general population. For this, he welcomed extraordinary holy people and sages from everywhere throughout the world. The yagna proceeded for a long time.

Brahmins, shippers, dignitaries and lords from everywhere throughout the world were likewise welcomed.

On the most recent day of the yagna, an old sage arrived.

Right then and there, Vikramaditya was caught up with directing the customs, so he couldn't get the sage. However, Vikramaditya bowed before him with collapsed hands, and signaled his men to deal with the sage. The sage acknowledged the salute and favored King Vikramaditya.

At the point when the yagna was finished, Vikramaditya went to the sage and welcomed him. He stated, "I recall you as the master (educator) of the ashram that is in the woodland, outside the city."

Lord Vikramaditya gave him one lakh gold coins for the poor youngsters concentrating in the seclusion.

"Much thanks, however there is a significant issue for which I needed to come on this promising event," said the sage.

Ruler Vikramaditya solicited the reason from his visit. The sage clarified, "Today toward the beginning of the day, I sent a portion of my understudies to gather wood from the woodland. Abruptly, two evil spirits showed up before them and removed six children.Then, the devils sent me message through different understudies that in the event that I don't mastermind a man for penance, they would forfeit those six youngsters.

At that point, IO went into the woods to look for them. When I came to close to a mountain, I heard a voice which was of one of the evil spirits. He told that they had all the six kids with them, and in the event that somebody attempted to spare the youngsters, they would murder them and nobody would most likely do anything."

"When I approached them the explanation behind capturing the youngsters, one of the evil spirits said that they required a man for penance. At that point I approached them to acknowledge me for penance however they said that they required a youthful Kshatriya for the penance."

Ruler Vikramaditya stated, "O learned one, it is my principal obligation to ensure my subjects. On the off chance that I can't spare the lives of those youngsters, at that point I don't reserve the option to live. So while go to free the kids, you please come back to your withdrawal and sit tight for us."

The sage favored him and went to his ashram. The lord rode on his steed and went into the timberland looking for the kids.

Before long, he achieved the mountain about which the sage had let him know. He left his pony there and began strolling towards the highest point of the slope. It was an uneven and harsh way, as yet King Vikramaditya continued strolling. Before long, he achieved the spot and saw the two evil presences. The two evil presences giggled and stated, "Thus, you have come alone, King Vikramaditya!"

"Indeed, I am separated from everyone else. Initially, free the kids and after that penance me," said King Vikramaditya.

The principal evil presence said to the next, "Truly, he is correct. I am going to leave the kids in the woodland. You take the ruler for penance."

The main evil presence left the youngsters in the woods. In the mean time, the second devil took King Vikramaditya before a gigantic icon of Kali. Very soon, the principal evil spirit additionally gone along with them. All the p[reparations for the penance were finished. The main evil spirit connected some glue on the ruler's temple and requested that he twist. The second devil brought a sword for the lord's penance.

All of a sudden, the second evil spirit discarded his sword and the primary devil went close King Vikramaditya, embraced him and stated, "You are extremely a genuine ruler. For your subjects, you are prepared to try and forfeit yourself."

Both the evil presences changed themselves into their unique structures. They were Lord Indra and Lord Vayu (Lord of Wind). At that point, Lord Indra stated, "You are extremely an incredible ruler. You are mindful and worried about your subjects. We came here to test you and you have passed it."

The Gods favored him and afterward vanished. Presently, the general population of Ujjain began regarding their ruler much more.

In the wake of portraying the story, the doll stated, "Ruler Bhoja! Presently choose, regardless of whether you are deserving of sitting on this royal position or not. Have you at any point taken a chance with your life like King Vikramaditya for your subjects? On the off chance that truly, at that point sit on this position of authority, generally return."

Lord Bhoja wound up keen and again came back to his royal residence, discouraged and upset.