The Story of the Tenth Doll

The Story of Tenth Doll Prabhavati (दसवीं गुड़िया प्रभावती की कहानी)

One the tenth day, King Bhoja by and by attempted to sit on the position of authority. The tenth doll turned out from her place and began portraying another account of King Vikramaditya.

"My name is Prabhavati. Tune in to this anecdote about King Vikramaditya, and afterward choose whether you are deserving of sitting on this position of authority or not."

Saying this, Prabhavati began portraying a story to King Bhoja.

Vikramaditya was exceptionally enamored with workmanship, culture music and chasing. Once, Vikramaditya went on a chasing undertaking alongside his warriors. They ran over a deer and Vikramaditya followed it. The deer was lithe and dove deep into the woods. Before long Vikramaditya understood that he was lost. His fighters were abandoned far. Abruptly, he saw a kid attempting to murder himself by draping himself to a tree. Without squandering whenever, Vikramaditya took out his sword and cut the rope with which the kid was endeavoring to hang himself.

The kid fell on the ground. The ruler asked, "Don't you realize that executing oneself is an intolerable sin?"

The kid fell at the ruler's feet and began crying. He stated, "When there is no expectation left in one's life, what would one be able to do? I am disappointed with my life and need to end it."

"You are a young man. You can buckle down and procure your work. What inconveniences you?" asked Vikramaditya.

The kid answered, "Your Majesty, my name is Vasu and I live in Kalinjar. At some point back, I was going through a woodland when I saw an excellent maid there. I was pulled in to her at first sight. When I proposed to the young lady, she chuckled at me. When I asked her the reason, she said that neither would she be able to cherish anybody nor wed. She revealed to me that she was a princess and that crystal gazers had anticipated, if her folks saw her face before her marriage, they would bite the dust. The soothsayers additionally said that she could wed just that man who might turn out solid from a vessel of hot oil. Along these lines, her folks offered her to a sage for childhood and furthermore revealed to him the condition."

The kid additionally stated, "When I went to that wise's house, I was frightened to see numerous skeletons lying there. Those were the skeletons of young people, who had set out to hop into the hot oil to win the hand of the princess. I returned back, yet couldn't overlook her. I will pass on in the event that I don't wed her. For what reason did you spare me? I need to bite the dust. I can't live without her."

"I guarantee that I will attempt my best to organize your marriage with that princess. I will go to the sage and examine with him," said King Vikramaditya. At that point, the young man felt reassured. Ruler Vikramaditya called his two betaals and requested them to take him to the sage. Extremely soon, they came to there.

At the point when the sage came to realize that he was King Vikramaditya, he paid his regards to him. At that point, Vikramaditya got some information about Vasu's marriage with the princess. The sage answered, "I can even forfeit my life for you, however this impractical. The princess' dad has laid a condition that she could wed just that individual, who will turn out securely subsequent to bouncing into the vessel, loaded with hot oil."

"Also, in the event that somebody hops into the hot oil and turns out securely, will he have the capacity to approach the princess' hand for another person?" asked Vikramaditya.

"Indeed why not," answered the sage.

"At that point I'll bounce into the vessel of hot oil for this kid," said King Vikramaditya.

Everything was readied. Lord Vikramaditya took the name of Goddess Kali, and after that bounced into the hot oil. At the point when his body was taken out, King Vikramaditya was dead and his entire body was scorched.

At the point when Goddess Kali saw the pitiful predicament of Her lover, She requested Her two betaals to go and pour a couple of drops of nectar into Vikramaditya's mouth. Bu the impact of the nectar, Vikramaditya wound up alive. At that point, King Vikramaditya went to the sage and stated, "Presently, I have the directly on the princess."

"Yess," said the sage. Before long, flag-bearers were sent to the princess' dad. Getting such cheerful news, the ruler arrived and met Vikramaditya. He consented to the princess with Vasu.

At that point, the princess was hitched to Vasu. Vasu was additionally a sovereign, however a few people had contrived against him and assumed control over his kingdom. With assistance of princess' dad and King Vikramaditya, Vasu got back his kingdom. At that point, the lord coroneted Vasu. Vasu began living joyfully with his princess.

In the wake of portraying the story to King Bhoja, the doll stated, "This was our King Vikramaditya, who yielded his life for a desire of a young fellow. In the event that you have ever accomplished something like this, at that point no one but you can sit on this position of authority, generally come back to your royal residence."

In the wake of reasoning for some time, King Bhoja surrendered his desire to sit on the honored position and returned.