The Story of the Seventh Doll

The Story of Seventh Doll Kaumudi (सातवीं गुड़िया कौमुदी की कहानी)

On the seventh day, when King Bhoja again moved toward the royal position, the seventh doll left the honored position and stated, "Lord, my name is Kaumudi. Try not to set out to sit on this honored position except if and until you wind up deserving of it. It is safe to say that you are liberal and have a ruler heart like King Vikramaditya? Tune in to my story and afterward judge yourself."

Saying this, Kaumudi began portraying a story to King Bhoja.

One night, when King Vikramaditya was dozing in his chamber, he got up all of a sudden hearing uproarious cries. He tuned in to the cries cautiously and understood that the cries were of a lady. Before long, he prepared and chose to discover. The cries were originating from the course of the Shipra River, so he went towards it. He came to there are discovered that the cries were originating from the opposite side of the bank Vikramaditya bounced into the waterway and swam to the opposite side. Subsequent to strolling some separation, he saw a lady crying noisily. He approached her for the reason.

The lady answered, "What would you be able to do, in the event that I reveal to you the reason? Do you guarantee to support me, on the off chance that I reveal to you my concern?"

Vikramaditya stated, "Don't cry, I am the ruler of Ujjain. I guarantee to help you every way under the sun. Simply reveal to me what occurred?"

The lady stated, "My better half is a cheat. At some point, he was gotten by the city watches and was condemned to death by holding tight a tree. He is as yet holding tight the tree."

Vikramaditya asked her, "Do you imagine that the cop did foul play with your better half? In the event that indeed, I can again observe the case. You need not stress."

She answered, "No, I concede that my better half is a cheat and has been rebuffed properly, yet he was not rebuffed to kick the bucket of yearning. Till the time he is alive, he ought to get great and water."

"Truly, you are correct," said King Vikramaditya.

The lady stated, "I figured out how to get some sustenance and water for him however when I came here, I found that I was not able contact him. I requested that numerous individuals help me out however they all denied to support a guilty party."

Vikramaditya saw the criminal, who was hanging by a part of a tree. He thought for some time, and afterward said to the lady, "I can endure your weight. You remain on my shoulders and feed your better half. Along these lines, your significant other won't bite the dust of craving."

The lady really was a demoness and was sitting tight for this chance. She remained on King Vikramaditya's shoulders and came to up to the man. She gobbled him up and after that she got down from the shoulders of the lord. The lady stated, "Ruler! You have fulfilled me. Request a help and I will offer it to you."

Vikramaditya stated, "On the off chance that you need to give me something, at that point give me something, at that point give me Annapurna (Goddess of Food). At that point I can give my kin anything they desire to eat."

"I can't satisfy your desire, however my sister, who lives in a house couple of yards from here, can support you," the demoness answered.

Lord Vikramaditya ran with the demoness to the bungalow. There, she acquainted Vikramaditya with her sister and advised the whole episode to her. She likewise demanded, "He is deserving of having Annapurna. Sister, it would be ideal if you give him Annapurna."

The sister of the demoness gave a lovely bowl to King Vikramaditya and stated, "At whatever point you request sustenance from the bowl, it will furnish you with a lot of nourishment."

Lord Vikramaditya expressed gratitude toward the demoness and her sister and returned to his castle. In transit, he met an old sage. The old sage approached him for some nourishment. Ruler Vikramaditya took out the bowl and stated, "Hello bowl of Annapurna~! Give the old sage heavenly sustenance."

When the lord said as much, the bowl was loaded up with delectable nourishment. The wise ate the sustenance and said thanks to King Vikramaditya. Ruler Vikramaditya asked the sage, "Do you need something else?"

The sage had just observed the enchantment of the bowl, along these lines, he requested the bowl. Lord Vikramaditya gave the bowl to the sage.

In the wake of portraying the entire story, the doll asked King Bhoja, "Have you at any point demonstrated philanthropy like King Vikramaditya? On the off chance that truly, at that point you can sit on this position of authority, generally return to your royal residence."

Saying this, the doll returned to her place and King Bhoja went to his castle.