The Story of the Sixth Doll

The Story of Sixth Doll Ravibhama (छठी गुड़िया रविभामा की कहानी)

On the 6th day, King Bhoja chose to attempt to sit on the position of royalty indeed. Be that as it may, when he moved toward the royal position, the 6th doll woke up and stated, "My name is Ravibhama. I have seen the persistence and neighborliness of King Vikramaditya. I will disclose to you an account of King Vikramaditya. At that point, choose for yourself whether you are deserving of siting on this position of authority or not."

Ravibhama began portraying the story.

Other than being a dependable ruler, Vikramaditya was extremely attached to chasing and was additionally an admirer of nature. On day, he was going out for a stroll in the patio nursery of his grand castle. All of a sudden, he heard noisy cries, "Spare us! Spare us!" The cries appeared to originate from Shipra River. So he went towards it. When he achieved the stream, he saw a man, a lady and a kid suffocating in the waterway and shouting out for help. Imagining that only he couldn't help them, he called his two betaals. They showed up on the double. Lord Vikramaditya requested them. "Spare the lady and the tyke while I spare the man."

Without squandering any minute, Vikramaditya hopped into the stream. Each of them three were spared.

They were brought out of the water and soon they were fine. Vikramaditya asked them, "Who are you and how could you fall into the waterway?"

The man stated, "My name is Vipradas. She is my better half and he is our child. We are poor. For a long time we have not eaten anything. Baffled with our destitution, we chose to murder ourselves. In this manner, we hopped into the waterway. Afterward, we understood the significance of life and began weeping for help. We are appreciative to you for sparing our lives."

Vikramaditya stated, "You don't have to say thanks to me. You are my subjects and sparing your lives is my duty."

The man fell at the feet of King Vikramaditya and stated, "You are extremely a considerate individual and we are appreciative to you. In any case, we can't endure neediness any longer. I am poor from birth. Since my youth, I have been endeavoring to gain my job."

Vikramaditya asked, "However a dedicated individual can never bite the dust as a result of appetite. This is well known fact. So what made you endeavor suicide?"

The man answered, "O King! The general population in your kingdom buckle down, so work has turned out to be useless here."

In the wake of reasoning for some time, Vikramaditya stated, "Starting now and into the foreseeable future, you and your family are my visitors and will live in my royal residence. You will get all that you need."

The poor man stated, "O Lord! Think indeed. I intend to state, we were conceived and raised in poor conditions. We don't have the foggiest idea about the manners of living in a royal residence. Sometime in the not so distant future, we may be offended by somebody in your royal residence."

At this, Vikramaditya said. "Nobody will affront you. You will be allowed to live as indicated by your desire. This is King Vikramaditya's guarantee."

The family begun living in the guest room of the castle. Every one of the hirelings were requested to look well after the family.

Along these lines, the family begun living joyfully there. In any case, very soon, the visitor room of the castle changed into a messy spot. The family begun spitting all over in the room. Foul smell began exuding from the room. The workers griped about this to the lord, yet Vikramaditya requested them to clean the room at whatever point required and trained them not to say anything to the visitors.

Furthermore, days moved by. The state of the room got worse step by step. The workers couldn't endure the foul smell any longer, and indeed grumbled to the lord.

Ruler Vikramaditya attempted a great deal yet nobody consented to clean the visitor room. Lord Vikramaditya thought. "I have guaranteed the family, so I need to dispense the obligations and duties."

In this way, he began caring for the visitors, clearing and wiping the floor, bringing them sustenance and dealing with their necessities. At some point, Vipradas asked him, "For what reason would you say you are doing this? Ask your hirelings or orderlies to do this."

Vikramaditya answered modestly, "I am your host. I'll deal with you. You can arrange me for anything."

Vipradas stated, "At that point knead my body."

Vikramaditya began rubbing Vipradas' body. Vipradas felt loose and rested, yet Vikramaditya kept on rubbing him.

After at some point, Vipradas woke up and stated, "I need to wash up. Go and bring some water."

Lord Vikramaditya promptly brought some water, and when he began washing Vipradas, he transformed into a God. The room changed into a delightful and scented room. The lady transformed into a Goddess and the youngster transformed into a tyke God.

The God praised the shoulders of Vikramaditya and stated, "I am Varuna and accompanied my family to test your cordiality and persistence. You have breezed through the test. I favor you that your kingdom Ujjain will never experience the ill effects of starvation. The entire of Ujjain will stay prosperous for eternity." Saying these words, Varuna and His family vanished.

The 6th doll asked King Bhoja, "Have you at any point set a case of neighborliness and tolerance like King Vikramaditya? On the off chance that indeed, at that point sit on this position of royalty, else you ought to leave from this royal position." Saying this, the 6th doll returned to her place.

In the wake of reasoning for a couple of minutes, King Bhoja surrendered his craving to sit on the honored position and returned to his royal residence.