The Story of the Sixteenth Doll

The Story of Sixteenth Doll Satayawati (सोलहवीं गुड़िया सत्यवती की कहानी)

On the sixteenth day, again the lord wanted to sit on the position of authority. As the lord was going to sit on the position of royalty, the sixteenth doll ceased him and began portraying another account of King Vikramaditya.

"King Bhoja, I am the sixteenth doll of King Vikramaditya's position of royalty. My name is Satyawati. I will describe you an account of King Vikramaditya, that demonstrates his liberality. At that point you can choose for yourself whether you are deserving of sitting on this position of royalty or not.

Satyawati began portraying the story.

Consistently in the court of King Vikramaditya, talks identified with different angles occurred. At some point, the squires began examining about Gods and Goddesses.

Numerous researchers together stated, "Ruler of the nether world, Sheshnaag is an devotee of Lord Vishnu. He lives in his royal residence amazingly."

Tuning in to the different explanations of the squires, Vikramaditya thought of going to nether world to meet Lord Sheshnaag. He called his two betaals and requested them to take him to Lord Sheshnaag's royal residence in the nether world.

The betaals took King Vikramaditya on their shoulders and moved towards Sheshnaag's castle.

Before long they achieved the nether world. Leaving the ruler there, the betaals vanished.

Vikramaditya before long discovered his way to Sheshnaag's royal residence. He was astounded to see the lavishness of the royal residence. The palace was engraved with jewels, pearls, precious stones and numerous different valuable stones.

At the point when the gatekeepers of Sheshnaag educated Him that a human had come to meet Him, He was significantly astounded. He figured, "By what means can an individual achieve the under district?" He realize that the individual couldn't be a conventional person. He went to welcome him.

When King Vikramaditya saw Lord Sheshnaag, He bowed and demonstrated his appreciation. Vikramaditya then advised the motivation behind his visit to the nether world.

Sheshnaag was awed with the obligingness of Vikramaditya. He welcomed Vikramaditya to remain in His royal residence for a couple of days. Amid his stay there, Vikramaditya visited all the vital spots of the under locale.

In the wake of remaining there for a couple of days, Vikramaditya chose to return to Ujjain.

Sheshnaag stated, "My gifts will dependably be with you. I need to give you something as a blessing." Saying this, Sheshnaag gave four pearls to Vikramaditya and stated, "These four pearls have four distinct characteristics. The nature of the main pearl is that it will give you as much riches as you need; the nature of second pearl is that it will give you garments as indicated by your desire; the third pearl will give you elephants, chariots and numerous things of beautification; and the fourth pearl will give you notoriety, popularity and learning."

Vikramaditya readily acknowledged the four pearls from Sheshnaag, said thanks to Him and disappeared. He again called his betaals and requesting that they take him to Ujjain.

The betaals took off taking the lord on their shoulders. They left him at Ujjain and left.

While in transit to his castle, Vikramaditya met a brahmin. The brahmin bowed to the lord and stated, "O King! It appears that you are glad. Your face is gleaming. Where are you coming from?"

"Indeed, I am cheerful. The reason is that I coming after a short visit to the under locale. There I met Lord Sheshnaag. I am feeling honored," answered Vikramaditya.

"Goodness! That is extraordinary. We are likewise honored to have a ruler like you, who has seen Lord Sheshnaag. You more likely than not got a few presents from him?" asked the inquisitive brahmin.

"Indeed," answered the lord and demonstrated the four pearls to the brahmin.

"Pearls!" said the brahmin in exceptionally discouraged voice, "there are as of now such a large number of pearls like these in your fortune. You ought to have someone of a kind and uncommon endowments from that point."

"These are no conventional pearls," said King Vikramaditya and he enlightened the brahmin regarding their characteristics. At the point when the brahmin came to think about the characteristics of those pearls, he thought, "What fortunes our lord has," and afterward stated, "Ruler! You are extremely fortunate. Indeed, even the Gods and Goddesses give you blessings and presents. Wouldn't you say that the general population of your kingdom likewise have some directly on your endowments?"

Lord Vikramaditya comprehended the importance of the brahmin's words and stated, "Truly, you are correct. The pearls that I have got as endowments ought to be imparted to my kin you can pick any of these pearls."

The brahmin got befuddled about which one of the four to pick. In the first place, he picked the pearl which could give cash, at that point he picked the pearl which could give garments. In any case, he likewise needed the one that could give him learning and notoriety.

At long last, he said to the ruler, "I am truly confounded, and can't choose which pearl to pick. On the off chance that you grant may I counsel my family?"

Ruler Vikramaditya allowed him to do as such.

The brahmin hurried to his home. Be that as it may, in the wake of counseling his family, he got increasingly confounded. Since his better half requested that he pick the pearl which could give elephants and extravagant things; one of his kids requesting that he take the pearl which could give garments, another kid requesting that he pick the pearl which could give cash and he himself needed to pick the pearl which could give him learning and notoriety.

Helpless to choose, the brahmin returned to Vikramaditya.

Vikramaditya comprehended the issue of the brahmin. He grinned and after that gave all the four pearls to the brahmin.

Subsequent to portraying the story to King Bhoja, the doll asked, "Our King Vikramaditya was such a liberal individual. Have you at any point given something so valuable?"

Tuning in to the subject of the doll, King Bhoja felt debilitated and came back to his castle.