The Story of the Fifteenth Doll

The Story of Fifteenth Doll Sundervati (पंद्रहवीं गुड़िया सुंदरवती की कहानी)

One the fifteenth day, when King Bhoja went again to sit on the royal position, the fifteenth doll came in his direction and stated, "Ruler Bhoja, my name is Sundervati. Prior to sitting on this royal position, tune in to this account of King Vikramaditya's liberality, and after that choose whether you are deserving of sitting on this royal position or not."

Sundervati began portraying a story.

Vikramaditya was an effective and dependable lord. In this way, the kingdom of Ujjain created and advanced step by step. The brokers of Ujjain spread their exchanges everywhere throughout the world. Seth Pannalal was an extremely kind and liberal dealer. He generally helped poor people and the penniless individuals. Everybody loved Seth Pannalal. Pannalal's business was spread in distant spots. He had a child named Hiralal. He was additionally amiable like his dad.

When he grew up, Seth Pannalal chose to get him wedded. At some point, he welcomed a few brahmins to his home and counseled them about his child's marriage.

The brahmins determined and said to Pannalal, "Your child will get hitched very soon."

Pannalal was overpowered with happiness. He stated, "I ask for you to look for a decent counterpart for him."

One of the brahmins stated, "I know a family that lives on an island close to the next shore of the ocean. They are exceptionally well known merchants. They have a delightful young lady. She would be an ideal counterpart for Hiralal. I'll converse with the little girl's dad."

Pannalal stated, "I'll give every one of the costs for going there. If it's not too much trouble get in touch with them at the earliest opportunity and let them think about our proposition."

At that point, Seth Pannalal gave some cash to that brahmin as movement costs.

After some days, the brahmin returned and educated Pannalal that the little girl's dad had acknowledged the proposition to be engaged. In this way, the day of marriage was additionally settled. The courses of action for the marriage began.

In any case, shockingly, as the marriage date was drawing nearer, it began raining vigorously. There was water all over the place. The route to the island was vigorously harmed.

Presently, the best way to achieve that island was a more drawn out one. In any case, it was not sure that in the event that they took that way, they would most likely achieve the marriage setting in time. The principle issue was that the young lady's side did not think about the issue that had sprung up and there was no real way to suggest them.

Pannalal got stressed. The brahmin, who had organized the marriage, gave a plan to the seth, "Presently, the best way to reach there in time is to go by a quick methods for transport, which can help five to six people through the more drawn out course. There is just a single choice left. Lord Vikramaditya has an exceptionally quick chariot and some sublime ponies, that can take you to the island in time. On the off chance that you request that the lord loan you the chariot and the steeds for some days, at that point your concern can be comprehended."

The seth's heart loaded up with some expectation. He went to the court of King Vikramaditya and informed him concerning the issue. Lord Vikramaditya grinned and stated, "Everything that I have is for my kin. Take the chariot and the ponies. Give my all the best to the lady of the hour and husband, and have a sheltered and decent adventure.

Ruler Vikramaditya requested his specialists to give the chariot and the steeds to Seth Pannalal. He additionally selected his best charioteer for them. The seth said thanks to the ruler and left.

At the point when the marriage party was going to withdraw, Pannalal expressed gratitude toward the brahmin and stated, "I am extremely thankful to you, since you gave me solid counsel at the correct time."

In the mean time, King Vikramaditya thought, "Consider the possibility that a few issues emerge in transit.

Along these lines, quickly called his two betaals and stated, "Out of the blue, I have called you to help another person."

The betaals answered, "Your desire is our direction."

"At that point, be undetectable and go with Seth Pannalal's gathering. If there should arise an occurrence of any trouble, help them every which way," said Vikramaditya.

In the interim, the marriage party was pushing forward through the more drawn out course. The chariot and the steeds were extremely quick. Seth Pannalal was cheerful reasoning that they will presently achieve the marriage setting in time. In any case, all of a sudden, the chariot halted. Pannalal saw that the street ahead was hindered with water and shakes.

Everybody felt aggravated and strained. Be that as it may, shockingly, the chariot began flying noticeable all around. Nobody could see how that occurred. All things considered, the two Betaals were conveying the chariot on their shoulders. Before long, the husband and the marriage party achieved the marriage setting.

The wedding function occurred on the correct time. At the point when Seth Pannalal and the gathering came back to Ujjain, they went directly to the court. Lord Vikramaditya offered endowments to the lady of the hour and the groom, and gave them numerous blessings. Seth Pannalal expressed gratitude toward King Vikramaditya for his opportune help.

In the wake of portraying the story, the doll asked King Bhoja, "Have you at any point helped somebody in the way King Vikramaditya did? On the off chance that indeed, at that point you have the directly to sit on this position of authority." Then, the doll returned to her place.

Ruler Bhoja didn't have any answer, and hence came back to his royal residence.