The Story of the Thirty-First Doll

The Story of the Thirty-First Doll Kaushalya
(इकतीसवाँ गुड़िया कौशल्या की कहानी)

On the thirty-first day, when King Bhoja again ran with the longing to sit on the royal position, the thirty-first doll remained before him and began recounting an account of King Vikramaditya.

"King Bhoja, I am Kaushalya, the thirty-first doll of this position of royalty. I need to tell you that when notwithstanding King Vikramaditya's child was not equipped for sitting on this position of royalty, at that point how might you sit on it? I feel it important to describe to you the account of King Vikramaditya, which means how big-hearted and giving up our lord was."

The doll began portraying the story.

When King Vikramaditya understood that his end was close, he began offering petitions, reflecting and doing retribution. One night, when he was remaining before his house in a woodland, he saw a distant light. He chose to go there. He called his betaals and requesting that they take him close to that light.

The betaals did as such and afterward stated, "This royal residence is the place of an ascetic and this territory is encompassed by his awesome forces. Starting here, just the individual can go further, who has achieved more awesome power than the ascetic."

Lord Vikramaditya went further and achieved the doors of the royal residence. Abruptly, a colossal bundle of flame came rolling and halted before the ruler. Comfortable minute a voice originated from inside the castle, "Whosoever it might be, let him come in."

The tremendous wad of flame vanished and Vikramaditya went inside the castle. He achieved the room where the plain was ruminating. When he saw Vikramaditya, he stood up and asked, "Who are you? Reveal to me now or I will consume you to fiery debris?"

Ruler Vikramaditya gave first experience with the plain. The ascetic stated, "I am respected to see you. I have never met such an extraordinary ruler like you. Let me know, what do you wish?"

Vikramaditya said with collapsed hands, "On the off chance that you are truly satisfied with me, at that point present me this interesting royal residence and every one of its extravagances."

The ascetic gave the royal residence happily to the lord and went to the woods. In the wake of meandering for a few days, the plain met his 'master'. His master asked, "What was the deal? You have such a glorious castle, at that point for what reason would you say you are meandering here in this woodland?"

"Gurudev, I have given the royal residence to King Vikramaditya," said the ascetic.

"For what reason would he request the royal residence? He himself is such an altruistic individual. Presently go to him in the mask of a brahmin and request that royal residence," said his master with a grin all over."

The ascetic concurred. When he was going on his way to the castle, he saw a cabin, before which, Vikramaditya was reflecting. He went to King Vikramaditya in the mask of a brahmin and stated, "O King! Organize an appropriate spot in your kingdom, where I can live."

At that point Vikramaditya grinned and stated, "O incredible sage! I was trying you and now you are trying me. The castle is yours. If it's not too much trouble reclaim your royal residence."

The ascetic felt satisfied and returned to live in his royal residence.

The doll said to King Bhoja, "This was our King Vikramaditya, who was so kind but he additionally needed to acknowledge the law of nature. After some days, the extraordinary ruler bites the dust. Everyone of Ujjain cried as they had lost someone who resembled their own dad. Everybody was tragic and vexed. At the point when his memorial service fire was lit, the Gods and Goddesses showered blossoms on it."

The doll then proceeded with the story.

After the passing of King Vikramaditya, a gathering was held to pick the following ruler. Everybody proposed that Prince Jaitpal, the oldest child of King Vikramaditya, ought to sit on the position of authority. With the acknowledgment of everybody, Prince Jaitpal was reported the ruler of Ujjain.

On a favorable day, the crowning celebration service occurred. When Jaitpal sat on the position of royalty, he felt bleary eyed and tumbled to the ground.

Jaitpal fell into a swoon. He saw an unusual dream. His dad came in his fantasy and stated, "Child! Never endeavor to sit on this heavenly position of royalty till you are deserving of it. This position of authority has a place with God and just a considerate, ruler, brave and kindhearted individual can sit on it. Regardless you don't have the right to sit on this position of authority. At the point when the proper time arrives, I will come in your fantasy again to advise you."

At the point when Jaitpal recovered his awareness, he enlightened his priests concerning his fantasy. The priests were astonished. A few clergymen stated, "It was just a fantasy. It has nothing to do with reality."

Some stated, "There must be some explanation for it."

A few priests stated, "We can't comprehend why King Jaitpal doesn't have the characteristics like his dad, King Vikramaditya?"

The most established of the priests stated, "I imagine that you ought to counsel your dad."

Jaitpal asked, "How is it conceivable? How might I meet him?"

The old clergyman stated, "You can't meet him however you can atleast speak with him. Today, before heading to sleep around evening time, think whether your dad. He will doubtlessly come in your fantasy and after that you can counsel him."

Jaitpal did as suggested by the old pastor. At midnight, Vikramaditya again came in Jaitpal's fantasy and stated, "Child, cover this celestial position of royalty under the ground. Leave this kingdom and make Ambavati your new capital. When somebody later on will be brought into the world with such characteristics, he would be the beneficiary to this position of royalty."

Next morning, he enlightened the pastors regarding his fantasy and did as prompted by Vikramaditya. He went to Ambavati and made it his new capital. In the wake of portraying the entire story, the doll asked, "When King Vikramaditya's own child was not meriting enough to sit on this royal position, at that point how might you sit on it?"

The doll returned to her place and King Bhoja likewise came back to his castle.

In the wake of finding out about Jaitpal, King Bhoja thought of relinquishing his desire to sit on King Vikramaditya's honored position. He counseled every one of his pastors and chose to cover the honored position again under the ground.