The Story of the Thirtieth Doll

The Story of the Thirtieth Doll Jaya Lakshmi
(तीसवीं गुड़िया जया लक्ष्मी की कहानी)

On the thirtieth day, when King Bhoja went again to sit on the position of authority, the thirtieth doll remained in his direction and began portraying an account of King Vikramaditya subsequent to presenting herself.

"Ruler Bhoja, I am Jaya Lakshmi, the thirtieth doll of King Vikramaditya's honored position. You come every day with the expectation of siting on this position of royalty, however you don't succeed. Do you realize that our ruler was so kind and delicate that even a reviled individual could dispose of his revile by his sight? Tune in to this story, and after that choose whether you are appropriate to sit on this position of royalty or not."

Saying as much, the doll began portraying the story.

At the point when Vikramaditya developed old, he didn't care for the court issues and he for the most part invested his energy in pondering or chasing in the woodland. At some point, when he was experiencing the timberland, he saw an excellent deer. He never had seen such a sublime deer in his life previously. He was going to shoot the deer, when it stated, "Goodness King! Kindly don't execute me."

At the point when the lord heard the deer talking in human voice, he was astounded. He went to the deer and asked, "Who are you and how might you talk in human voice?"

The deer stated, "Simply because of you."

Vikramaditya stated, "I don't get it."

At that point the deer portrayed its story, "A few years back, I was a ruler and came in this woods to chase. In the meantime, a hermit was reciting the name of God. I confounded his voice to be that of a wild creature and shot a bolt towards the course of the sound. Luckily, the bolt missed its objective and hit simply over the hermit's head on the tree. When I went running there, the hermit cursed me since I had exasperates his contemplation. In this way, I transformed into a deer.

I begged him a great deal. Finally, the hermit disclosed to me that the revile will lose its impact when I see you and I'll have the capacity to talk like a human once more."

"Goodness! I was going to submit a transgression," shouted King Vikramaditya.

In the wake of reasoning for some time, the lord asked, "However in what capacity will the course lose its impact totally?"

"The hermit disclosed to me that my revile will lose its impact totally, when you will meet him," answered the deer.

At this, King Vikramaditya stated, "I will meet the hermit for you."

The deer took the lord to the hermit. The hermit was hanging topsy turvy from a tree. At the point when the ruler bowed before the hermit, the hermit opened his eyes and stated, "Goodness! That I am so fortunate to meet the incomparable King Vikramaditya!"

Vikramaditya was astonished on hearing this.

After at some point, the hermit asked, "Would i be able to approach you for something?"

When King Vikramaditya allowed, the hermit stated, "I need to crown, which Lord Indra had introduced to you. By having the crown, I will have the inclination that I have met Lord Indra."

King Vikramaditya happily gave the crown to the hermit. The reviled ruler likewise returned to his genuine structure. He offered his regards to the hermit and King Vikramaditya. Vikramaditya additionally bowed before the hermit and came back to his royal residence with the ruler.

Next morning, King Vikramaditya escorted the sovereign to his kingdom. However, when they achieved the fringe of the kingdom, some armed soldiers encompassed them.

The leader of the fighters approached and requested, "Give me your presentation and reveal to me your motivation of coming here."

The sovereign answered, "I am child of King Mansen. My name is Bhavarsen. I have gone to my very own kingdom and how could you stop me like this?"

The leader chuckled boisterously and stated, "I am the authority of King Kapalsen. Presently, King Kapalsen is the leader of this kingdom. Your folks are his detainees."

King Vikramaditya help in an instructing voice, "Treat me as the minister of the sovereign. Request that your lord discharge King Mansen without a moment's delay with deference and leave this kingdom, generally prepare for war."

The authority went to the kingdom and gave the message to Kapalsen. Kapalsen came to there with a colossal armed force.

Before long, a furious fight started. Vikramaditya jump3ed from his chariot and battled with Kapalsen's military like a brutal tiger.

Vikramaditya then kept his sword on King Kapalsen's neck and stated, "I am King Vikramaditya of Ujjain. I request you to leave this kingdom without a moment's delay or else prepare to bite the dust."

Kapalsen trembled with dread, and after that immediately fled from the kingdom. Along these lines, King Mansen got back his kingdom. Lord Mansen felt exceptionally appreciative and expressed gratitude toward King Vikramaditya for his extraordinary help.

When King Vikramaditya was coming back to Ujjain, a deer came running and remained before him. The lord likewise observed that a lion was pursuing it. However, King Vikramaditya didn't give careful consideration and went on his way. The lion assaulted the deer and slaughtered it.

The doll asked King Bhoja, "Our King Vikramaditya was such an incredible parsimonious, that just by his sight, the sovereign lost the impact of the revile. However, disclose to me for what reason did not King Vikramaditya spare the deer that the met, when he was coming back to Ujjain?"

King Bhoja couldn't answer the inquiry. The doll chuckled and stated, "The principal deer was a human. He turned into a deer by a revile. Along these lines, it was his obligation to support him. Be that as it may, the second deer was a creature and nourishment for the lion. Thus, the ruler didn't meddle with the law of nature. Presently, you better come back to your castle."

Ruler Bhoja felt extremely embarrassed and came back to his royal residence.