The Story of the Twenty-Fifth Doll

The Story of the Twenty-Fifth Doll Jayalakshmi (पचीसवाँ गुड़िया जयलक्ष्मी की कहानी)

Following day, when King Bhoja continued to the throne, the twenty-fifth doll banned his way to the honored position. She began portraying an account of King Vikramaditya in the wake of giving her short presentation.

"Ruler Bhoja, I am the twenty-fifth doll of King Vikramaditya's honored position. My name is Jayalakshmi. Do you realize that the way of thinking fluctuates from individual to individual? Till you don't get acclimated to the nature and behaviour of various people, you are not deserving of sitting on this position of royalty. Give me a chance to describe to you a story. At that point you will comprehend what I intend to state."

Jayalakshmi began portraying the story.

A buffoon and a brahmin lived in the kingdom of Ujjain. They were poor. In any case, they never lamented for cash and were happy with whatever they had. The jester made individuals chuckle day by day. He earned practically nothing, which was only adequate for that specific day. Along these lines, he was going through his time on earth. The buffoon's better half was acclimated with along these lines of living, however when their girl grew up, she got stressed. One night, she asked the buffoon, "Have you at any point contemplated our future?"

The buffoon answered, "Have you at any point rested void stomach?"

"No," answered his significant other.

"At that point don't stress and rest. I buckle down day by day to procure some additional cash, yet I haven't succeeded yet. We get just as much as God has chosen for us. In this way, I have left everything to God. I don't take any pressure. He is dependably there to take care of us. I generally have confidence in God."

"I am talking about our little girl's marriage," the spouse said irately. The buffoon stated, "Disclose to me a certain something, would we be able to have a tyke as per our desire? It is preposterous. All occurs by the will and the finesse of God. Things being what they are, on the off chance that we don't have direction on birth of a youngster, at that point for what reason would it be advisable for us to take strain over marriage, training, childhood, and so on.?"

The spouse of the buffoon understood that her better half was reckless.

A similar circumstance could be found in the brahmin's family moreover. Both the brahmin and his significant other were strained in regards to their girl's marriage. At some point, the brahmin's better half stated, "I need my little girl to get hitched as quickly as time permits."

The brahmin answered, "This is additionally the longing of my heart. Yet, what to do? I am attempting my best to mastermind cash for it, yet I have not yet been effective. I have conversed with numerous rich individuals, when I have performed pujas in their homes. How about we see what occurs."

Following day, when the buffoon was going to go for his activity, his significant other again helped him to remember their little girl's marriage. The buffoon stated, "I will attempt my best."

That day, the buffoon went to another kingdom. He went to businesspeople, givers and moneylenders for money7. He got some cash and was coming back to Ujjain. In transit, a few burglars took all his cash and beat him up moreover. When he achieved home, his better half asked, "Did you make a few courses of action?"

The buffoon educated her concerning the occurrence and stated, "I had disclosed to you before that God will give us the cash we require. I attempted a great deal and made a few courses of action. In any case, God didn't need us to utilize that cash in our girl's marriage."

The spouse stated, "Gracious God! You generally depend on God. Will God come through King Vikramaditya and help us?"

The entertainer answered, "Yes, it is conceivable."

Around then, King Vikramaditya caught their discussion. He had camouflaged himself as a typical man and was strolling in the city of Ujjain to check whether all was well with his subjects. He thought, "This buffoon has such a great amount of confidence in God. He got looted off his cash, yet at the same time depends on God."

Satisfied by such a firm confidence in God, the ruler continued on his way. When he was going by the house of the brahmin, l he heard that the brahmin and his significant other were additionally discussing their girl's marriage. The wife of the brahmin stated, "Presently, we just have one expectation. You go to our ruler and request some assistance. He will most likely help you."

"Truly, you are correct. I will go to his royal residence tomorrow," said the brahmin.

Ruler Vikramaditya heard this, grinned and came back to his royal residence. Following day, a few warriors achieved the places of the buffoon and the brahmin and gave the message that the ruler needed to meet them to talk about their little girls' relational unions.

Them two joyfully achieved the royal residence. They bowed before the ruler. The lord requested the pastor, "Give the entertainer the aggregate of cash that you'll require for your little girl's marriage, and give the brahmin the whole of cash that he requirements for his girl's marriage."

The clergyman gave ten lakh gold coins to the buffoon, however simply enough cash to the brahmin. Them two expressed gratitude toward the lord and left. When they were gone, one squire asked the lord, "You gave the buffoon the cash that your clergyman would have needed for his girl's marriage, however to the brahmin, just the cash that he required for his little girl's marriage. Your Majesty, would you be able to clarify the reason?"

The ruler at that point portrayed the discussion he had heard the earlier night and stated, "The entertainer has full confidence in God. In this way, the assistance given by God ought to dependably be more than the assistance given by a ruler. Then again, being a brahmin, he didn't have much confidence in God. He was subject to me. In this way, I gave him the aggregate of cash which was required by him for his girl's marriage."

Everyone applauded King Vikramaditya for his equity and liberality.

Subsequent to portraying the story, the doll asked King Bhoja, "Do you have the ability of perceiving the idea of individuals, such as King Vikramaditya? Assuming no, at that point return back to your royal residence."

Ruler Bhoja felt surprise and came back to his royal residence