The Story of the Twenty-Fourth Doll

The Story of the Twenty-Fourth Doll Karunawati (चौबीसवीं गुड़िया करुणावती की कहानी)

On the twenty-fourth day, when lord Bhoja went to the position of authority, the twenty-fourth doll interfered with him and began recounting to an account of King Vikramaditya subsequent to giving her concise presentation.

"Hold up King Bhoja! I am Karunawati, the twenty-fourth doll of this position of authority. Tune in to this account of King Vikramaditya and after that choose whether to sit on this position of authority or not."

Saying this, the doll began portraying the story.

To ensure that his subjects were glad and substance, King Vikramaditya masked himself as a standard man and meandered in the roads of Ujjain during the evening.

One night, when he was going round the city, he saw a rope swinging from the mass of a dealer's manor. He felt that some cheat more likely than not went into the house.

Without squandering whenever, the lord additionally climbed the divider with the assistance of that rope. When he achieved the patio, he heard a few voices. He crawled unobtrusively close to a window of the room from where the voices appeared to come. There was a man alongside a lady in the room.

"We have rambled. Presently, do the needful. My significant other is dozing in the following room. Proceed to murder him," said the lady.

The man stated, "No, I can't carry out such a horrifying wrongdoing. I am a criminal. I can't execute anybody. This is valid that I adore you a ton, and consequently I come each day to meet you. On the off chance that you truly cherish me, at that point let us leave from here. I will attempt to give all of you the joy."

The lady stated, "At that point I should take the necessary steps."

Hearing their discussion, the lord understood that the lady is the trader's significant other.

The lady proceeded, "Today, this work can't be practiced. Tomorrow, I'll gather all the cash and assets, and afterward we will leave from here. You should hang tight for one more day." The lord realized that the cheat will before long descend, so he immediately dropped and sat tight for the criminal.

When the criminal descended, the lord got him and stated, "I am King Vikramaditya. Give up yourself and don't attempt to play any traps. Presently, accompany me."

The cheat did as the lord requested. While in transit to the castle, the lord inquired. "Reveal to me reality. What were you doing in the trader's home? In the event that you don't concoct reality, you would be rebuffed harshly."

The criminal began trembling with dread. He collapsed his hands and stated, "Gracious Lord! I won't lie by any means. My name is Sheeldas and I live in your kingdom. Bhanupriya, who is currently the trader's significant other and I cherish each other since adolescence. Be that as it may, time doesn't stay alike. My dad was aright businessperson, yet once, when he was on a voyage over the oceans, a few looters assaulted him and removed all that he had.

My dad couldn't adapt up to the circumstance and kicked the bucket very child. After his demise, I came to realize that my dad had obtained a gigantic whole from moneylenders. I accused the ocean burglars for all that had occurred, and chose to complete them off. Some way or another, I got in their group. While living with them, I murdered every one of the looters one by one. I gathered the cash and resources they had and returned back. When I came here, I was stunned to see that Bhanupriya had just got hitched to a vendor. I was not ready to live without her. By some coincidence, at some point, she visited her folks' home. I met her there. I blew up and asked her for what valid reason she had not hung tight for me when she adored me to such an extent? I likewise disclosed to her that I had enough cash and on the off chance that she could flee with me, we could have a glad existence. At that point, I enlightened her beginning and end concerning the ocean looters. I revealed to her that I additionally had gems, particularly a jewelry of nine diamonds. When she caught wind of it, she requested that I offer it to her.

I guaranteed to offer it to her the following day. In any case, following day, she came back to her better half's home. I was so insane in her adoration that I came here and gave the accessory to her. I currently come each night to see her.

Today, when I went to her, she requested that I kill her better half and steal away with her. Be that as it may, I can't execute anybody. She has called me tomorrow and said that she would gather every one of the resources, and after that we would get away."

At the point when the ruler heard the story, he stated, "Sheeldas, I am cheerful that you revealed to me reality. It isn't right to be infatuated with a wedded lady. It is difficult to think about the lady's character and her considerations. She cherished you and still hitched another person. She communicated her affection just when she came to think about that accessory. She even consented to flee with you. She at that point schemed with you to murder her better half."

Sheeldas tumbled to the feet of the ruler and stated, "I understand my error. I am prepared to acknowledge any discipline."

"You are free at this point. You have done equity by slaughtering the ocean burglars. You are a valiant man. I name you in my military. Tomorrow, I will see Bhanupriya. Presently accompany me to my castle," said the ruler.

Following day, the lord masked himself as Sheeldas and went to the dealer's home. He heaved up a solid bit of rope for Bhanupriya to descend. Bhanupriya imagined that Sheeldas had arrived. She tossed the sack of assets and descended utilizing the rope.

She met him and stated, "I have harmed my better half and brought every one of the assets." When she discovered her sweetheart standing discreetly, she ended up suspicious and sprung on his facial hair and mustache. She shouted out, "Cheat! Hoodlum! He was murdered my better half and is fleeing."

The ruler's officers, who were taking cover behind the brambles, hurried in and captured Bhanupriya. In transit, when Bhanupriya came to know everything, she took out a container of toxic substance, drank it and kicked the bucket.

In the wake of portraying the story, the doll asked King Bhoja, "Have you at any point done Justine as King Vikramaditya did? In the event that truly, at that point sit on this position of royalty, generally return to your castle."

Ruler Bhoja came back to his castle.