The Story of the Twenty-Second Doll

The Story of Twenty-Second Doll Anurodhwati (बाईसवाँ गुड़िया अनारुध्वती की कहानी)

On the twenty-second day, when King Bhoja went to mount the position of royalty, the twenty-second doll came in his direction and began portraying an account of King Vikramaditya subsequent to giving her short presentation.

"King Bhoja! My name is Anurodhwati, I am the twenty-second doll of this radiant position of royalty. I will portray a story that indicates King Vikramaditya's appreciation for the researchers. At that point you can choose whether you are deserving of sitting on this honored position or not."

The doll at that point began portraying a story.

Other than being a mindful lord, Vikramaditya was likewise a watch of craftsmanship and culture. He had incredible admiration for educated researchers. In his kingdom, there carried on a young named Madhav. Madhav was exceptionally wise and knowledgeable in each field. In any case, he was without an occupation since he was very bold and couldn't endure anything incorrectly.

Madhav had heard a great deal about the liberality of King Vikramaditya, so he went to the court of Vikramaditya to approach him for an occupation.

He gave his personality to the royal residence monitors and said that he needed to meet the lord. Around then the lord was watching a move presentation. The gatekeeper approached Madhav to sit tight for at some point as the lord and the retainers were getting a charge out of the execution.

Abruptly, Madhav stated, "They are fools. They don't have any learning of music. One of the performers is playing incorrectly notes and no one can identify it."

Hearing this, the gatekeeper was astonished and chided him, "What are you saying? Our lord is additionally there. Yu are offending him."

"I am not offending anybody. I am disclosing to you the reality. There are such huge numbers of individuals inside, however nobody has the learning of music. One of the artists is playing the wrong notes and no one appears to see it," Said Madhav.

"It can't be," said the gatekeeper, "Nobody is a superior judge of workmanship and music than our lord."

"Be that as it may, he can't recognize the wrong notes. There are sixteen performers inside and they are sitting in gatherings of four. The performer who is playing incorrectly notes is in the gathering which is sitting the eastern way," said Madhav. The gatekeeper was stunned to hear such an announcement in light of the fact that the court was not unmistakable from where he was standing.

The gatekeeper stated, "You will be rebuffed in the event that your announcement is refuted." Then the watchman headed inside and advised everything to the ruler. The ruler requested the performers and the artists to stop, and asked the guard to get the young.

Madhav preceded the ruler and bowed to him with collapsed hands. The lord stated, "Young fellow, what did you tell the watchman?"

Madhav stated, "O King, one of your performers is playing the wrong notes on the table. I think his thumb is blemished."

Lord Vikramaditya asked all the table players to stand up and demonstrate their fingers. He saw that one of the table players surely had a flawed thumb, however he had secured it with a bogus skin.

The lord felt exceptionally satisfied with Madhav's information and stated, "You have an immense learning of music. Who are you?"

Madhav enlightened the lord all concerning himself. The ruler selected him in his court. On numerous events, Madhav shocked the king with his insight.

At some point, a popular dancer came to the court of Vikramaditya to perform. The show began. Madhav was additionally present at the show. The move execution started. All of a sudden a honey bee came humming close to her. She ended up astute in light of the fact that she couldn't stop her move. She inhaled with such a power, that the honey bee took off. Everything occurred so rapidly that no one took note. Be that as it may, Madhav was aware of observer the whole occurrence. After the execution, he stood up and commended the artist. At that point he gave his jewelry of pearls to her as a reward.

Everybody was stunned to see such a demonstration. Lord Vikramaditya stated, "For what reason did you do as such?"

Madhav said respectfully, "Goodness Lord! I have just lauded the artist in view of her monstrous ability. Nobody else has seen the episode that occurred at this moment." Then he related the entire occurrence to the lord and stated, "Have I not made the best choice by remunerating her?"

At that point King Vikramaditya inquired as to whether it was valid, and she gave him a positive answer. Lord Vikramaditya felt exceptionally satisfied with the artist and Madhav. He gave rewards to both of them.

At some point, a talk was going on. Madhav stated, "There exists the phenomenon of earlier birth and the knowledge of an individual additionally relies upon it."

The King comprehended the importance yet different squires did not. In this way, he intended to influence them to comprehend the importance of Madhav's announcement. He manufactured a royal residence in the backwoods and sent infants of a priest, a main castle protect and a brahmin alongside his own infant to that royal residence under the consideration of almost totally senseless servants. Following twelve years, the four kids were called upon. The ruler asked his child, "How are you, child?"

"Everything is great by your effortlessness," he answered.

At that point he asked the other three children a similar inquiry. The priest's child answered, "O, King, everyone is mortal. One who has been conceived will kick the bucket one day. At that point, what is well?"

The main castle watchman's child answered, "O King, nothing is well. Hoodlums are the main offenders, however we are accused for them."

The brahmin's child answered, "Each day, the age of an individual is diminishing. How might anything be well?"

The lord asked the retainers, "All of you have heard the announcements of these four kids. Presently, do you recollect what Madhav said twelve years prior?"

The squires shook their heads. At that point, King Vikramaditya clarified, "The four kids were kept in a forlorn royal residence under the consideration of hard of hearing and unable to speak cleaning specialists for a long time. No one instructed anything to them. At that point how might they give such answers? Their knowledge is administered by the demonstrations done in their past birth."

Every one of the squires understood the comprehended the significance of Madhav's announcement. They all commended him.

In the wake of portraying the story, the doll asked King Bhoja, "Have you at any point regarded a scholarly and astute individual like King Vikramaditya? Have you each demonstrated the ability of an educated individual as King Vikramaditya did? Assuming no, at that point you can't sit on this honored position."

King Bhoja felt embarrassed and came back to his royal residence.