The Story of the Twenty-First Doll

The Story of Twenty-First Doll Chandrajyoti (इक्कीसवीं गुड़िया चंद्रज्योति की कहानी)

Next morning, when King Bhoja endeavored to sit on the position of royalty, the twenty-first doll, Chandrajyoti came in his direction, and began recounting an anecdote about King Vikramaditya in the wake of presenting herself.

"King Bhoja, my name is Chandrajyoti. I am the twenty-first doll of the position of royalty of King Vikramaditya. Do you know how valiant and liberal our ruler was? First tune in to this story and after that choose whether you are deserving of sitting on this position of authority or not."

Chandrajyoti began portraying the story.

As you most likely are aware King Vikramaditya was an entirely dependable lord. He generally contemplated the prosperity of his kingdom and his kin. Once, he thought of playing out a Mahayagna for the success of his kin. When he was counseling his priests and different retainers, one of the orderlies of the ruler came in and educated that a hireling of one of his pastors had come to meet him. The pastor took authorization from the lord and went to meet his hireling. When he returned, he looked exceptionally irritated. He asked the ruler to give him consent to return home. The ruler asked him the reason, yet the priest stated, "My Lord! My significant other has called me for some critical work."

The ruler stated, "Without a doubt, you can return home and on the off chance that you need any assistance, let me know."

At that point the clergyman bowed and left. In any case, the ruler was not persuaded with the clergyman's answer. Along these lines, he considered the hireling of the priest and asked him the genuine reason. The worker answered, "Gracious Lord! The priest's solitary girl, Sulakshana, is sick for past numerous years. Numerous doctors have been counseled, however nobody can make sense of the infection she is experiencing. Step by step her condition is crumbling. Her condition is exceptionally basic at this point."

Knowing the genuine circumstance, the ruler thought, "How devoted and dependable is my pastor. He didn't tell me about the ailment of his little girl with the goal that the arrangements of the Mahayagna could be finished easily."

Ruler Vikramaditya then called the imperial physical and asked whether he had been treating the priest's little girl or not. The illustrious doctor said that he had been treating the pastor's girl. However, he didn't reveal the make a difference to the lord since we the priest had asked him not to as it could hamper the arrangements of the Mahayagna. At the point when the lord got some information about her current condition, the doctor answered, "I truly have not possessed the capacity to analyze the illness. I have additionally counseled numerous different doctors, yet they all fizzled. She is currently on deathbed. The main cure was khwang herb, however at this point she is in the last stage and there is no hope."

"Khwang herb!" shouted Vikramaditya, "Reveal to me progressively about this herb."

"When a sage gave me some khwang herb with which I treated a patient who was biting the dust. Presently the herb is done. The nature of the herb is that in the event that you don't think about some sickness and its treatment, at that point the patient can be relieved with this herb," said the illustrious doctor.

The ruler asked, "Where would we be able to get this herb?"

"This herb is discovered just in the valleys of the mountain scopes of Neel Ratnagiri. It will take a very long time to reach there. We don't have that much time staring us in the face. Also, on the off chance that somebody even reaches there, it is difficult to get that herb in light of the fact that the valleys are brimming with risky creatures, noxious scorpions and snakes," said the illustrious doctor. "How might I distinguish the herb?" asked King Vikramaditya.

"Half piece of that herb is blue and another half is yellow. It is as a horny bramble. On the off chance that somebody contacts its leaves, they hang," answered the regal doctor. The ruler called his betaals and requested them to take him to the mountains of Neel Ratnagiri. Before long they achieved the valley. Lord Vikramaditya went looking for khwang herb. The valley was dull and stunning. There were perilous creatures and harmful creepy crawlies all over. All of a sudden, a lion thundered and assaulted the ruler. Be that as it may, King Vikramaditya before long slaughtered the lion. On moving further, he saw numerous snakes. The lord pelted stones at them and they wriggled away. Lord Vikramaditya then advanced, when all of a sudden he heard a murmuring sound from behind. When he pivoted, he saw a colossal dark snake. The snake ate up the ruler. Indeed, even in the wake of achieving the stomach of the snake, the lord did not lose his valor. He took out his sword and cut open the stomach of the snake and turned out. Night moved close and he felt depleted. In obscurity, it was difficult to move in the valley. Along these lines, the ruler scaled a tree and went through the night there. In the first part of the day, he woke up and began looking for the khwang herb. He looked through the entire day yet futile.

"Presently again I should hold up till tomorrow. In the event that just the moon comes up, at that point it could be useful," thought Vikramaditya. All of a sudden, the moon shone brilliantly over the valley. The lord was excited. He bounced with euphoria when he saw blue-yellow plants some separation away.

When he came to close to the plants, he saw that the shrubs were encompassed by numerous harmful scorpions. He made room with his sword and took loads of khwang herb and afterward came back to Ujjain with the assistance of his betaals. While returning, he bowed to the Moon God and said thanks to him.

All of a sudden, the Moon God showed up before King Vikramaditya and stated, "I am satisfied by your bravery and worry for your kin. The work you have improved the situation the priest's girl could really compare to the Mahayagna. In any case, presently the pastor's little girl needn't bother with the herb since she is dead. I am giving you this nectar. Pour a couple of drops of it in her mouth and after that she will return to life."

Ruler Vikramaditya said thanks to the Moon God and continued. Before long he came to Ujjain and went to the clergyman's home. Everybody was grieving. King Vikramaditya poured a couple of drops of the nectar into the mouth of the young lady and the young lady sat up! Everyone was shocked. They were glad and said thanks to the ruler.

In the wake of portraying the story, the doll asked, "Speak King Bhoja! Have you at any point helped your kin along these lines? On the off chance that indeed, at that point you are deserving of sitting on this honored position undoubtedly, generally return."

Subsequent to tuning in to the subject of Chandrajyoti, King Bhoja felt demoralized and came back to his castle with an irritated personality.