The Story of the Twenty-Seventh Doll

The Story of the Twenty-Seventh Doll Malayvati
(सताईस्वां गुड़िया मलयावती की कहानी)

Following day, when King Bhoja by and by achieved the position of authority, the twenty-seventh doll preceded him and began portraying an account of King Vikramaditya subsequent to presenting herself.

"My name is Malayvati and I am the twenty-seventh doll of King Vikramaditya's royal position. Out lord was a standout amongst the most learned and altruistic people in this world, yet he never had pride. He generally read and tuned in to the tales of incredible people and sages and endeavored to go through his time on earth like them. Tune in to this account of King Vikramaditya and after that choose whether you are deserving of sitting on this position of royalty or not."

The doll at that point began portraying the story.

King Vikramaditya was an exceptionally learned individual and a researcher. He had a major library in his castle, where he had numerous old and new sacred texts. At whatever point he had some extra time, he would go to the library to peruse the sacred texts. At some point, he read about King Bali. Ruler Bali was the grandson of Lord Krishna's aficionado, Prahlad. He was firm and stayed faithful to his obligations. On the demand of Gods, Lord Vishnu appeared as Vaman and grabbed his position of authority misleadingly. Be that as it may, the Lord made Bali the ruler of the nether world. In the wake of perusing the story, King Vikramaditya thought, "Ruler Bali is extremely an incredible and benevolent individual. I should meet him at any expense. I will offer supplications to Lord Vishnu and ask him the best approach to King Bali's castle.

Along these lines, one day he gave over every one of the obligations to his dependable clergymen and went to the woodland for repentance. He began reflecting there by reciting the name of Lord Vishnu. He thought for quite a while. To begin with, he took one supper daily. At that point he began eating just organic products, and after that lived just on water. Due to his profound parsimony, his wellbeing crumbled step by step.

After at some point, the ruler began reflecting with no sustenance or water. He ended up more fragile. His solitary intention was to summon the Supreme God and know the best approach to King Bali's royal residence.

A wise, who was likewise contemplating close Vikramaditya, came to know about his actual character by his perfect power. He asked, "Child, for what reason would you say you are rehearsing austerity? You are a ruler and you ought to play out your obligations towards your kingdom and individuals. This is the motivation behind why God has sent you to earth."

The lord answered, "On the off chance that we get some distance from religion and confidence by attempted just our duties, at that point in the following birth, we should confront numerous issues. God doesn't state that do just your deeds and overlook religion and confidence."

The sage didn't have any response to King Vikramaditya's announcement. He didn't state anything proceeded with his contemplation. At some point, while pondering, he fell into a swoon. After some time, he recovered cognizance. The sage went to Vikramaditya and stated, "You are a man of the materialistic world. You ought not rehearse repentance to such a degree."

At this Vikramaditya stated, "I need some genuine feelings of serenity." Saying thus, he again start3ed thinking. In view of shortcoming, Vikramaditya again fell into a swoon. This time when woke up, he saw that he was lying on the lap of Lord Vishnu. At that point he understood that the sage was none other than Lord Vishnu. He bowed before Him and stated, "I am honored by your quality. I wish to meet King Bali. I have heard numerous gestures of recognition about him."

Lord Vishnu gave a conch to Vikramaditya and stated, "Blow this conch and Varuna will direct you to the nether world, where King Bali's royal residence is arranged. While returning, blow the conch again and Varuna will demonstrate to you the route back."

Vikramaditya took the conch and expressed gratitude toward Lord Vishnu. Ruler Vishnu came back to paradise. King Vikramaditya blew the conch and soon, he saw a route to the nether world. He achieved the castle of King Bali. He asked for the royal residence watchmen to educate King Bali that he wishes to meet him. Be that as it may, made an impression on King Bali however he would not meet Vikramaditya. At the point when Vikramaditya sent numerous messages, King Bali consented to meet him on 'Shivratri'.

In any case, Vikramaditya was difficult. He needed to meet him promptly. He said to the gatekeepers, "I won't go until I have met King Bali. On the off chance that he doesn't meet me now, I will forfeit my life."

Saying this, he cut of his head with his own sword. When King Bali heard this news, he came outside and sprinkled some nectar on King Vikramaditya.

At the point when Vikramaditya returned to life, he revealed to King Bali that he had heard and perused numerous commendations about him. In this way, he had come to meet him. Ruler Bali was satisfied and took him inside his royal residence.

King Vikramaditya remained there for a couple of days. Lord Bali additionally was satisfied to meet such an incredible researcher and a liberal and gallant ruler.

After some days, King Vikramaditya requested consent to return. Ruler Bali gave him a valuable coral and stated, "I am happy to meet you. Take this coral. It will give all of you that you wish for."

King Vikramaditya came back to his kingdom. In transit, he met a wailing lady, whose spouse had kicks the bucket. With the assistance of the coral, he made the man alive once more.

The man and lady favored the lord and went their direction.

In the wake of portraying the story, the doll asked King Bhoja, "Do you think you resemble King Vikramaditya? Would you be able to rehearse ascetism like him? In the event that indeed, at that point you have the directly to sit on this position of authority, generally return."

Feeling down and out, King Bhoja had no other alternative yet to return back to his royal residence.