The Story of the Twenty-Eighth Doll

The Story of the Twenty-Eighth Doll Vaidehi
(अट्ठाईसवां गुड़िया वैदेही की कहानी)

On the twenty-eighth day, when King Bhoja endeavored to sit on the royal position, the twenty-eighth doll came in his direction and began recounting an account of King Vikramaditya in the wake of giving her short presentation. "King Bhoja, my name is Vaidehi. I am the twenty-eighth doll of this royal position. Have you at any point been welcomed by Lord Indra to sit on his position of authority? Our ruler was welcomed by Lord Indra. Give me a chance to disclose to you the entire story. At that point no one but you can understand the significance of King Vikramaditya."

Saying as much, the doll began portraying the story.

One day, King Vikramaditya called all the educated researchers and stargazers. He tended to them. "Recently night, I had an interesting dream. I saw that I was going out for a stroll in a lovely and wonderful castle. Gold and numerous valuable pearls and stones were engraved wherever in the castle. There was a delightful greenery enclosure outside, in which there were a great many shaded blooms. Their scent made the air exuberant. I heard alleviating music originating from the royal residence. When I went in, I saw an individual sitting in profound reflection. When I saw his face cautiously, his face appeared to be practically like mine. At that point my fantasy split and I woke up.

Presently, I am anxious to see that royal residence. Would you be able to disclose to me where I can find that royal residence?"

The researchers and crystal gazers completed a few calculations. At that point they stated, "Such a royal residence doesn't exist on earth. It must be Lord Indra's royal residence and just that individual has the right to enter the royal residence, who truly has firm confidence in God and dependably takes His name. While in transit to the royal residence, the individual ought to perform two incredible deeds."

Vikramaditya ended up keen since he realized that he never had room schedule-wise to take the name of God. His priests comprehended the issue. They stated, "Your Majesty, you could take the illustrious minister with you. He generally drones the name of God."

Vikramaditya concurred and took the illustrious minister with him and began the voyage. Vikramaditya was in the mask of a conventional man. One night, them two remained at a house. At midnight, Vikramaditya heard somebody crying. The commotion was originating from the neighboring house. He went there and saw and old woman crying. When he requested the reason, the elderly person stated, "I have just a single child. He went to the timberland to bring wood since it is our solitary wellspring of employment. Presently, it is midnight and still he hasn't returned. I am strained. I asked all wouldn't go out. Presently, I don't have the foggiest idea what to do."

Vikramaditya comforted the lady and said. "Try not to stress, mother. I will go looking for your child."

Saying as much, King Vikramaditya went into the woodland looking for the young. After at some point, he found the young sitting on a part of tree, frightened by a lion that was sitting under the tree. Vikramaditya frightened off the lion and the young moved down. At that point King Vikramaditya came back with the young. The elderly person felt cheerful to see her child. She favored and expressed gratitude toward Vikramaditya.

Next morning, Vikramaditya and the imperial cleric continued their adventure. They came to close to the shore of an ocean.

Vikramaditya saw a lady crying there. He likewise observed a few specialists stacking merchandise on a ship. Vikramaditya went to the lady and asked her for what valid reason she was crying. She stated, "My significant other is a specialist on that deliver. Today, he is running with the ship on a long voyage. Recently night, I had a fantasy that my significant other was wrecked and suffocated in the ocean. We were hitched just three months prior and now I am pregnant too. On the off chance that something happens to my better half, at that point what will happen to me and my future kid? I asked my better half not to go on this trek, yet he just giggled at me. I don't have the foggiest idea what to do."

Vikramaditya cautiously tuned in to the misfortunes of the lady. He took out the conch given by Varuna from his pack and offered it to the lady. He stated, "Give this conch to your significant other. The nature of this conch is that if any issue emerges, by blowing this conch it tends to be understood."

The lady was not persuaded by his words. The ruler comprehended her response. He took the conch from her hands and stated, "Let me demonstrate it to you." Saying in this way, he blew the conch. The lady was stunned to see the waves ebbing far from the coast. She couldn't trust her eyes!

Vikramaditya again blew the conch and everything wound up typical. She said thanks to Vikramaditya and gave the conch to her significant other.

At that point, Vikramaditya and the minister continued their adventure. Abruptly, it began roaring. Vikramaditya saw a white pony slipping from paradise. The pony came to Vikramaditya. Simply then he heard a perfect voice, "Lord Vikramaditya, you completed two extraordinary deeds on your way. To start with, you helped the elderly person by bringing her child once again from the timberland; and after that you helped the lady by giving her the conch and sparing her better half's live. I am satisfied with you. I have sent this steed for you, ride it and it will convey you to Indralok."

Vikramaditya stated, "Goodness Lord! How might I come alone? I have the regal minister with me."

The illustrious cleric collapsed his hands and stated, "Kindly don't stress over me. I'll feel fortunate, on the off chance that I get paradise after my demise, however concerning now I am extremely exceptionally terrified. You please continue. I am returning to Ujjain."

Vikramaditya concurred. He rode the pony and before long came to Indralok. Vikramaditya was entranced to see the excellence of Indralok. He went around Indralok and before long found the royal residence, that he had found in his fantasy. At that point, he entered the court of Lord Indra. At the point when Lord Indra saw Vikramaditya, He hugged him and requesting that he sit on His royal position. Vikramaditya collapsed his hands and stated, "Gracious Lord! What are you saying? How might I sit on your position of royalty?"

Lord Indra was satisfied and said, "Child, I was try in you. You are deserving of living in my royal residence. The individual you found in your fantasy was none other than me."

At that point, He gave an illustrious crown to Vikramaditya. Vikramaditya remained in the illustrious royal residence for a couple of days and afterward came back to his kingdom. Subsequent to portraying the story, the doll asked, "Ruler Bhoja, have you at any point been welcomed by Lord Indra to sit on His royal position? I don't think so. In this way, you better return to your castle."

Ruler Bhoja again came back to his royal residence.