Ancient Egypt

Curse of Mummy

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After the discovery of the king Tutankhamen’s tomb, some terrible events occurred which gave birth to the story of curse of the mummy. Mummified PharaohIn ancient Egypt, one or two messages, written in hieroglyphics along with various magical powers were closely associated with the mummy. The king Tutankhamen’s mummy was not an exception as well. A message which said "Death Shall Come on Swift Wings to Him Who Disturbs the Peace of the King" was linked to his mummy too. At that time this message got great media hype. Many newspapers and magazines reported that there was a curse on the king Tutankhamen’s tomb. The hype of the curse of the mummy reached its pick when a British Lord namely Carnarvon who was associated with the discovery of the king Tutankhamen’s tomb died due to the mosquito bite on his cheek shortly after the opening of the tomb. Surprisingly, at the same time his pet dog also had took its last breath. It is believed that due to some unknown mysterious events all the lights of the city of Cairo went out as well. The interesting fact is that Howard Carter who had discovered the king’s tomb was alive for 10 more years after his great discovery. He died naturally at an age of 65.

Recently, the archaeologists and scientists have found out that the poisonous bacteria that grow on the tomb wall release spore into air and surprisingly people who come into contact with the tomb fall sick due to that. It might be the cause of the death of Lord Carnarvon too. Nowadays the archaeologists and scientists wear masks while exploring tombs and mummies. It protects them from being affected by the harmful bacteria and plants.

The mummy’s curse may be a fact or fiction but even today people are really interested to listen to the stories of the curse. The entire Hollywood fraternity is also interested in making films on the story of the curse of the mummy.