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Among many other civilizations, only one that stands out because of its profound knowledge on every aspect of life is the Egyptian civilization. Be it technical, agricultural or the spiritual, this civilization had touched the peak on every facet with outmost zeal.

Ancient Egyptian coalesced around 3150 B.C, along the lower reaches of Nile River, with the political fusion of Upper and Lower Egypt under the first pharaoh. The history of the ancient Egypt grew up with the series of stable kingdoms. Historians had divided this series or periods of kingdom in to three categories such as

  1. Old kingdom of the early bronze age.
  2. Middle kingdom of the middle bronze age, and
  3. New kingdom of the late bronze age.

During this New kingdom, in the Ramesside period, the Egyptian civilization had reached the pinnacle of its power. After which it had entered into a slow decline.

egyptThe prosperity of the ancient civilization came partly from the ability to adapt to the condition of the Nile valley. The predictable flooding of the river Nile and controlled irrigation that produce redundant crops result to the development of social and cultural aspects.

Along many other achievements of Egyptian civilization, most noticeable are pyramids, temples, obelisks (a system of mathematics), a practical effective usage of medicine, irrigation system and agricultural technique. And last but not the least usage of papyrus (a thick paper-like material produced from the pith of the papyrus plant) for documentation.

The Egyptian civilization also left a lasting legacy through its art and architecture, which are widely copied even today in the modern world. Its antiques traveled far round the world.

It’s a civilization which had captivated the thoughts of historians and Egyptologists for centuries. It’s also a civilization that grew up, reached the pinnacle and perished but definitely had left behind an everlasting mark for the generations to know by its unique essence.

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