Make Your Book Cover to protect the damage of your Books
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You will Need:
. The Book you want to cover
. Paper (any color)
. Scissor
. Pencil
. Adhesive Tape
First of all you lay down (flat) of your book.-----> first
Take the paper and cut one of the sides.
Then cut off the bottom of the paper so you have a nice flat piece of paper to work with. Lay the paper down (flat).
Then lay the book on the paper. Use the pencil to draw an outline of the book.----->
You can move the book off the paper (show you the layout of your right side). Use a ruler to draw the cut out lines.-----> third
Fold the two center pieces in, and adhesive tape in place.
Cut away the four corners.----->
Lay the book back on the paper.
Fold over the sides. Do one side of the book at a time.----->
Fold over the end piece, and adhesive tape in place.-----> sixth
After that do the other side of the book.
Be careful when you add the adhesive tape that you don't add it to the book's inside the cover.
Only add the adhesive tape to the book cover (paper).----->
Now you have a nice clean cover for your school book.
This will help to protect the damage of your book.----->
last and final


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