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A Problem on Water (Brain Teaser)

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A Problem on Water

Q. The capital Water Supply Corporation had constructed a huge water tank behind Rashtriya Adarsh Vidyalya. This was the highest and biggest water tank in the Capital. The square-root of its capacity, when represented in litres, would stand in four digits. The last four digits of the capacity represented the square of a certain figure.

Coincidently if these four digits were removed, the remaining number would be equal to the total number of students in the school.

Now, would you tell the capacity of this huge tank in litres? We may give you a lead – the water capacity of this tank was in tens of millions of litres.

A. Water Tank, behind Rashtri Adarsh Vidyalaya of ‘Capital’s Water Supply Corporation’ – Capacity 2, 40, 19, 801 Ltrs.

The figure arrived at is obtainable by shifting places of two complete squares of the four-digit figure which comes to eight-digit complete square.