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Award That Never Existed (Brain Teaser)

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Award That Never Existed

Q. King Chatursen, as a reward, gave a triangular piece of land to his poet Veerdev. All the three sides of this land measured 1502/3 yards, 1953/4 yards and 45 yards 3inches respectively. The happy poet reached home. His wife had been long asking him to have a piece of land where she could have built a home, a garden and finally a temple in each corner.

The poet with all elation told his wife of the reward he had secured from the king. But he was surprised not to see his wife happy. His wife said something which could not be heard. Then, can you tell why was his wife not happy and what did she said to her poet husband.

A. The wife of poet Veerdev said that king Chatursen had never given him even an inch let alone a triangular piece of land, as the length of any two sides of a triangle was not more than the length of the third side. The total of two sides of the 'triangular piece of land' awarded to him by king Chatursen (1502/3 yards and 45 yards 3 inches) was equal to the third side (1953/4 yards). So the awarded land was nothing but a simple line.