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Award-winning Tableaux (Brain Teaser)

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Award-winning Tableaux

Q. Representatives from all states had come in groups to the capital to participate in the Republic Day Parade. Most of the states had sent their tableaux. The producers of the tableaux had been awarded according to the standard. The artists who received 1st, 2nd, 3rd, special and consolation prizes belonged to Assam, Kerala, Gujarat, Punjab and Haryana, respectively. The names of the producers were Kashmiri Lal Gupta, Gafoor Khan, Prem Da, Michael D’sauza and Raghuveer Singh. From the following details would you tell: Which state had brought which tableau? Who was its producer? Which award was he given?

The tableau, ‘The army on the front’ received the consolation prize. Its producer was Prem Da. The second prize was awarded to Gafoor Khan but it was not for the tableau, ‘The bungalow of flowers.’

‘Village life’ was awarded the third prize. It was a tableau from North India.

Kashmiri Lal Gupta had produced, ‘The farmer and the harvest’ but this tableau did not represent Southern or Eastern states.

The prize awarded to Haryana was not special prize. Michel’s tableau belonged to a state which was situated on sea shore but he too did not receive the special prize. A south Indian state had shown, ‘A tea estate’. The ‘Bungalow of Flowers’ did not come from any Eastern state.


First Gujarat M.D’souza Bungalow of flowers
Second Kerala Gafoor Khan A state estate
Third Haryana Raghuveer Singh Village life
Special Punjab K.L.Gupta Harvest
Consolation Assam Prem Da The army on the front