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Q. Seth Jagdish Lal has two sons. Elder son was Satyender Kumar and younger was Baljeet Kumar. Satyender was two years older than Baljeet.

A year ago, the difference in the square of their total was 84 (which was 8 years more than the age of their grandfather). Sethji purchased a new car for both of them the same year. A special kind of number plate was got prepared. The color of the plate was black and golden electric bulbs were fitted on it shaping its letters and figures.

When this plate was ready Baljeet mistakenly hung it upside down and observed that the numbers on it read the same as would read when held the other side up, also.

Incidentally, if the total of multiplication of Satyender’s and Baljeet’s age, occurring at that time, was included in the figures of the number plate, then the total would be equal to the square of Seth Jagdish Lal’s present age. Could you tell the present ages of Satyender, Baljeet and their father? Also tell what was the car number?


A. Satyender, Baljeet and Seth Jagdish Lal – present Age 23, 21, and 49, respectively. Car No. 1961.

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